20 Things You Can Paint in Your Home

I seem to be on a paint kick lately.  I hope you don’t mind.  I guess painting is just on the brain.   A crew of 7 painters is in my home right now finishing up the other half of the common areas that we didn’t finish ourselves.

So, in addition to wall painting tips, I wanted to share other things you can paint.

Do you have a limited decorating budget?  Paint is clearly the best bang for your buck when it comes to decorating.  Whether it’s spray paint, wall paint or acrylic paint, rest assured that you can find a project that makes an impact in your home.  And, chances are, you have some sort of paint just laying around.

Here are 20 things you can paint in your home.  Click on the images to be taken to the source where you can learn more.

1.  Stenciled Wall.
Get the look of wallpaper with a stencil.  My two favorite stencil makers are Cutting Edge Stencils and Royal Design Studio.  Here are some of their examples.

image image image

And, here is a stencil in my last home.


2.  Lamps.
Like the shape, but hate the color?  Use spray paint to give them new life.

image image image

3.  Floors.
Is there an old floor that isn’t worth re-finishing or replacing?  Paint it.

image image image

4.  Light fixtures.
Do you have ugly brass fixtures?  Though they are coming back into style, maybe you aren’t ready for that.  No problem.  Paint them.  They make metallic spray paint also if you prefer to just move from one metallic color to another.

image image image

5.  Furniture.
This is a fun and easy way to update furniture and give a traditional piece a modern flair.

image image image

6.  Brick.
Use a high-heat enamel paint to give a fireplace new life.

image image image

7.  Stairs.
Yep, you can even paint stairs.  Why not add a whimsical touch and make them fun?

If you are painting over existing paint on stairs or trim, be sure to check to see if it’s oil based or latex (water based).  To do this, use denatured alcohol.  If it removes the paint, it’s latex.   Then, be sure to use the same type of paint over it.

image image image

8.  Frames.
Paint your photo frames.  In fact, Rub N Buff works great if you want to turn them a metallic color.  It’s even easier than spray paint.

image image image

9.  Chalkboards.
Create a chalkboard with paint.

image image image

10.  Appliances .
Try Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel paint on appliances, and countertops.  It gives a brushed-stainless look that is as durable as an automotive-grade finish.

image image

11. Sink fixtures.
Just like you can paint appliances and light fixtures, you can also paint sink fixtures.  It’s much less expensive than replacing a faucet.  Rustoleum makes a fantastic oil rubbed bronze paint.

image image

12.  Upholstery.
Well, this one is obvious if you’ve ever been on my blog.  I painted an upholstered chair.  That’s right – the fabric.  I used a mixture of water, fabric medium and latex paint to an old wingback chair a new look. I did it not once, but twice.

image image

And, on my chairs page, you can see many, many other examples, as well as other methods.

13.  Plastic furniture and toys.
Don’t like the standard color of your plastic lawn furniture or your child’s play house?  Krylon now makes a spray paint called Fusion that is made specifically to adhere to plastic. Erin Loechner at DesignForMankind.

image image image

14.  Jars.
Consider painting jars.  The paint can just be for a label or can cover the entire jar.

image image image

15.  Curtains.
Below are all simple white panels that got painted!

image image image

16.  Rugs.
You can even paint rugs.  These rugs started out white.

image image

And, a few more just for good measure.


17.  Doors.
I recently did a post on boldly painted doors, but here are a couple.

image image image

18.  Art.
I recently posted about a painting that I did and tried to describe the process so you could diy it.


Other diy painted art projects include:

image image image

19.  Faux Headboard.
Use paint or vinyl decals to create a faux headboard.

image image

20.  Cabinets.
The most popular kitchen trend right now is to paint cabinets white or gray.  In addition, consider an open cabinet with the back painted a different color, or an island painted a different color than the cabinets.

image image image

Do you have plans to paint something in your home?  How have you used paint creatively?



  1. We’ve done doors, picture frames, furniture, art, Christmas ornaments, accessories, lamps, chandeliers, curtain rods and hardware, gee that’s quite a few off the top of my head! I have plans to do a stencil for the bathroom. Not sure yet! Looked into cabinets, but the project is a little more than MC can handle. We “might” do the vanity in the guest, it’s small! Would love to do the kitchen, but after checking it out thoroughly I won’t ask MC to tackle it!!!

  2. Great article Kristy! Paint offers such dramatic changes at a low cost! I recently used craft paint to paint a vase and a jar, for the fun of it: http://prettyhousethings.blogspot.ca/2012/09/painted-glass-project.html.

  3. Whoa, what would we do without it, Kristy?!! :)

  4. I love paint! I have an old box that hold shoes inside my front door that I want to paint a new fresh color. And a couple huge picture frames I picked up tonight at goodwill. and an old potato bin from my kitchen. and a huge cupboard in my kitchen – waiting on MMS milk paint to arrive for that one!
    I loved all your inspiration photos!

  5. I’m actually in the process of painting my kitchen cabinets. I haven’t quite gotten to the painting yet. I’m still doing all the prep work…the hardest part.

  6. Great Post!! Well thought out. This should get pinned a lot. Ann

  7. Kathy Schikevitz

    I just painted my front door. It was stained, but it did not hold up to the west facing of our house. I LOVE the new pop of color in our beige subdivision. It is now SW Brandywine which looks like pumpkin spice to me. Now to paint my two red rockers “urban bronze”. Great post.

  8. Is there a tutorial somewhere for painting a rug?!

  9. I can’t even tell you how helpful this post is! I just bought a house and we’ve been renovating all week. I was JUST about to buy all of our light fixtures, but now I’m going to save our ugly brass chandelier and paint it! Such a great idea! I also loved your greige post. Great blog! Following!

  10. You just might be my hero! HA! :) LOVE this post as well!!!! It always amazes me how afraid people are of paint and how little vision most have.

  11. This has to be one of THE best posts of all time!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to paint things and this has given me SO many ideas!! I thank ya ma’am!! “)

  12. Thanks Kristi for the comment on my red cabinet and for the feature and link back. I’m a new reader!! Love the ideas you share.

  13. Wow! So much fantastic information. Thank you so much and thank you for including my plastic spray paint project. Love this Kristy, what a great resource!

  14. Hi Kristy and thanks for linking back to my blog from my painted lamps! Did you see that I have painted striped curtains too?
    And another thing that I painted was pillows ;)
    They are at the bottom of this link ( http://cuckoo4design.blogspot.com/2012/06/silhouettes-madness.html )
    I have loved your painted chair for a while now!

  15. Do you know if you can paint a treadmill ? -not the belt or it’s base, but the outside? If so, what kind of paint?

    • Tricia, I’m sure you can. Just make sure that the paint works on the type of material that your treadmill is. The thing to be careful of would be the wires and screen. You’d have to protect those super well or you risk damaging the machine. For that reason, it may be risky.

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