Finding Unique Items

What’s the best way to find unique items?  Antique malls and flea markets.   What about industrial and rustic items?  A touch of mid century?  Maybe something that brings back memories?  Something old to give a sense of history?   Something with personality?  Yep, an antique mall or flea market.


So, when you get ready to polish off your space with accessories, be sure to check these places.

I wrote about Austin Antique Mall here, as it’s a great resource for such items.  Check your local antique malls.  I’ve found some are expensive, yet others are reasonably prices, so you have to get to know which ones are worth frequenting.


This next week, in Texas, is the 45th annual Round Top fall antique show.  Round Top and cities surround it, like Warrenton and Carmine are attracting sellers from all over and putting on a show – mostly done Oct 2-6.  It attracts buyers from all over the nation and sometimes world.

So, if you are looking for unique items, this is an excellent resource.  Miles and miles of antiques and vintage items.  I have not been to this one before, but now that I’m living in Texas again, I am going to hit it up this year.

One of the places I’m interested in seeing is Marburger Farm.    It seems a little more upscale and designer oriented.

image image

image image image

However, I like the in the field type places as well.

image image image

Images above found at Flown the Coop featuring The Seed Box Antiques and Fundustrial.   I love those industrial shelves in the first image.

Tips -

- Bring a list of what you need.

- Bring a measuring tape.  Bring measurements for ideal sizes.  For instance, if you need a night stand like I do, before you go, tape off the ideal size and bring those measurements so there is no guess work.   Believe me, if you are shopping for lots of things or clients as well, this can get overwhelming fast.  It’s tough to keep everything in mind while taking in all the amazing stuff there is to offer.

- Bring cash, comfortable shoes and be ready to get a little hot.

- Lodging fills up months in advance.   So, you need to live nearby or plan ahead.

- Go early for the best inventory and late for the best deals.

Are you going to Round Top?  Do you shop these places for finishing touches?



  1. There is an awesome show coming up in my part of Middle Tennessee next weekend called Bella Rustica. SO excited. I definitely agree with your points here, as well as checking with some of your local antique dealers before you go. Many of them will offer even better deals to their regular customers during these events to spur traffic (like they need it.)

  2. Wonderful advise. And bring CASH! I was lucky Sherry wrote the check for me when I bought those pillows at Scotts! ! Talk about TRUST!

  3. Wow!! That sounds so incredible and fun!

  4. I have always wanted to go to Round Top. Hope you have a great time. Let us know the prices are.

  5. This is on my list but not this year. I attended Brimfield in Mass a couple of years ago and it was awesome and yes bring comfortable shoes because your feet will hurt! Enjoy!

  6. I love antique/flea market shopping. I recently went to an outdoor fair in Columbus, OH and picked up some neat stuff! I much rather spend the day browsing for antiques than shopping at a retail chain where everything is “the same as the next store”.

  7. I would sooo love to go to Round Top! I am going to Bella Rustica Barn Sale this coming Saturday about an hour outside of Nashville – I hope I find a few unique keepers!

  8. That looks like my kind of place. I wish I could go!!

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