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Good Monday morning!  I haven’t been around on the blog as much in the past week due to me painting in every spare moment I can get.  We are repainting the entire house (well, all of the inter-connecting walls which is almost the entire house except bedrooms and bathrooms) in order to get rid of that ugly orangey-yellow builder’s beige.


That’s the family room.  We painted the ceiling blue about 5 months ago, see here.  It’s the walls.  You can barely see it in photos.  But, if you squint a little, maybe you can see that gray stripe above the ladder?  It’s also on the walls, all but the cutting in at the molding.  We’re doing a similar light tone, but with no orange or yellow.  Instead, it’s a greige – a smooth coffee-with-lots-of-creamer-in-it color in some lights and a soft gray in other light.

We were going to have a painter do it, but then we realized that the price was a little too high, so we decided to do as much as we can ourselves, even though it may take a while.  Hope I don’t regret that!  But, in the end, you have to keep things in budget.  I can be a stickler about that, as decorating shouldn’t break the bank.

So, that means we’ll paint all but the ceilings and really tall walls in the entry, oh and the first step in the tray ceiling that you see above.

I have a question… you know, since we prefer to hire painters.  How do you get the part above the cabinets if they are pretty tall and you don’t want to stand on counters and even if you did, you can’t really reach up above and around the upper cabinets?  I may have to leave that for the painters as well.

Kitchen-003 image

Whew, I need to update those kitchen photos.   See how I tried to sort of wash out the beige on the walls here?  It’s more obvious than this in real life, depending on the time of day.

I wish the painting was a big transformation, due to the amount of work.  It will probably be more motivating.  I expect it to take a month of us working and a few days from a painter.  But, it’s a big thing to me, in person as that builder’s beige was really starting to bother us.

So far, we have painted the walls in the family room, but not window areas, all but a portion of a window area in the breakfast room, part of the entry and a wall in the dining room.  Yeah, as you may have guessed, our house is looking so pretty right now.

Today, I’m doing client work, but I’ll be back to painting tomorrow night as soon as I have a chance.

On another note, I saw these at Homegoods the other day.


Now, it’s time to spill.  How many of you actually change out pillows for holidays?  For Halloween?  I want to know!



  1. I never change a thing. My decor pretty much stays the same year round. Probably because it takes me FOREVER to decide on accents that I love. To change things every season or for holidays would be way too much work for me. By the time I pick my fall accent pieces it would already be winter, so I just stick with what I’ve got. But I do enjoy looking at other people’s seasonal and holiday decor.

  2. Good luck with all the painting. It’s such a big job but you’ll be so happy you did it!

  3. I never change mine. I would likely change for christmas, but I have neither the space, nor the funds for such things.

  4. Thank GOD for your answers ladies, b/c I don’t change out very often either. But I thought that was b/c I’m older and care less! ha It does take me a long time to decide, and the older I get the less I care about convention! I’m doing it in colors I love and that’s all there is to it! If it feels unconventional, I can assure you, it didn’t used to! I conformed, used the colors “in style” – and then one day, I thought: I don’t want to live with that palate anymore and started re-building around my ‘basic reds!’

    And I love it!

  5. Looks great! I am a professional painter, and to paint above those cabinets, you need a ladder of the appropriate height, possibly an 8 ft ladder. Sometimes you just have to protect the countertops and stand on them, as kitchens can be very difficult to maneuver a ladder in.
    good luck!

    • If I am on the ladder, I can’t reach to the back of the upper cabinets. Tried that.. Any other suggestions? I thought about using my adjustable ladder and put one side on the counter and on on the floor and trying it that way.

      • yes that might work. Also I have been known to use a short pole and tape my brush securely to it to gain a few extra inches. You do need a steady hand for this. also use a pole with the roller. Its a challenge for sure.

  6. I always switch pillows out for different seasons and holidays. While the holiday decor has grown up as my daughter grew up it might be a simple halloween or fall inspired candle in the powder room and a small pillow on the bench in the entry or it might be all new pillows on the couch in the living room…just depends on my mood and what I find out there. I do try and avoid the kitschy and look for something a bit more sophisticated but I find it lifts my mood as well as those who visit.

  7. Paint question: I know exactly your issue with this. Personally, me being short, doesn’t help but I have a Little Giant ladder with an extension step that allows me to come out about 12-18″ from the rung. It’s a real pain & pretty dangerous but I’ve done it that way. Another way, have an extension stick you can adjust, paint roller attached, sometimes a brush (if you have that tool to clamp it on . You probably have some of that stuff already, but I use whatever I can. to make my reach longer. I hate that part above the cabinets but for me that’s pretty much what I do. My neck just hurts reading this post Kristy. Take care, please be careful…. hard hard tough work you guys!

    Pillows, never change them for the seasons. I have some little tiny Christmas pillows & use those but they are very tiny.

  8. I always change my cushions! Spring, summer, autumn (with an extra pumpkin one for halloween) and winter (with an extra Christmas one). I also change the hall rug twice a year. But I’ve made most of the cushion covers myself and since the covers all fit the same size cushion it doesn’t take up much space to store some cushion covers and the spare rug lives in a box under one of the beds. I’ve found that changing things out regularly means I don’t get bored and feel the need to buy whole new stuff. I also switch out ornaments and keep the spares under the stairs. It’s lovely to open a box and find things you forgot you owned. Admittedly I don’t have children so I have the time and energy for all this!

  9. Johane Lachapelle


    I know your feeling of painting over the cabinet in the kitchen (I’m 5’2″). I use a ladder and an extension to my brush. What colors and name are you using?
    Continue your good work!

    • Glad I’m not the only one! I’m 5’7″ and still can’t reach. The color doesn’t have a name. It’s custom. I can give you the Sherwin Williams formula if you are interested. It’s a darker, more brown version of Behr’s Sandstone Cliff because the SC looked too gray when put over the builder’s beige on my walls. SC, Senora Gray and Hardwick White are my favorites right now. Each is a little darker than the one before (in that order) and all definitely warm gray. However, the HW went on pretty gray over this beige. But, a friend used it and it looks awesome and just like it should on her walls. Anyway, hope that helps.

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