Quick Art from Photos in Books

I was staging an empty home in the trendy, yet vintage part of Austin recently on a VERY limited budget.  When finished I felt I really needed one more piece of large art.  That wasn’t going to happen, so instead I used a few small pieces to create the look of a large piece.

Thank goodness, my sister-in-law and I went out on a recent hunt for old books with beautiful photos.  The books look great as accessories and the photos can be used as inexpensive art.   It’s a very old trick I learned long ago.  We found some of the best ones at Savers for about $2-3 each.

I used these books, some garage sale frames that I had and a few mirrors which I had on hand as well (all but one) to create a gallery wall for this home.


First, I arranged the frames on the floor.  Then, I opened the books and found suitable images with similar colors to the space.


Side note – see how flipping dirty those floors are?   Maybe not, but you surely did now.  Eek.  I can’t keep up with these shedding rugs.  We’re vacuuming and cleaning floors daily.

Back to the art.  No matting, nothing fancy.  Just books.  Next, I cut out images to fit in the frames.


After I placed them in the frames, I knew the bottom middle one needed some sort of matting.  This is a vintage home, so let’s not be shy about making it look collected.  I simply used white duct tape to create the look of matting.


And, here it is hung in the room.  Cost?  $6.50 for the frames, $6 for the books, plus the additional mirror which I won’t count.  If you don’t count the mirror in the middle, it cost $12.50.

You know what the really cool thing is?  Those books still have a lot more photos in them!


Not too bad for a collected look.  Simple and fast!  And, think of all the kinds of books out there.  This works great with kids books as well.

image image

image  image

It also works well with calendars, as seen in the last photo above.

Don’t overlook old books and calendars with great photography and/or drawings in them!



  1. That is one great idea! Clever, so, so clever!

  2. Nice work! Books and calendars … love it.

  3. Great idea and I have also used calendars. I Adore the large work of art as well!

    Art by Karena

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