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I’ve been working with a client on a kitchen/ dining remodel.  She plans to rip out all of her cabinets, has already torn down walls, has plans to add a room, and is just redoing it all.  So fun!  We started with cabinets, countertops, backsplash and then moved into the fun stuff – accessories and furniture.

Here is the where we are at with the storyboard for the dining area.  It also involves the entry and a wall of cabinets.


The chalkboard, hooks, garden stool(s) and flush light are all for the entry area.

The rest is dining.  The fabric on the left, is for curtains, of course.  The gray is the wall color.   The barn light sconces will flank a tv mounted over the cabinetry.

There will be some open shelving which will give more opportunity for cobalt, as well.

I’m so excited that she loved the yellow barn door which will be mostly decorative but can close off the dining room from the living room.

And, for the kitchen which is open to the dining, we have this.


She’s been such a fun client to work with – great communication and easy to work with.

She wanted something fun, yet also casual and sophisticated. She wanted to make sure her money was well spent on the renovation. in other words, you don’t want to choose the wrong cabinet stain or countertop and backsplash combination.  That’s a costly mistake that is hard to recover from.  It’s less costly to hire a decorator.  No doubt.

She definitely wanted gray and yellow as the colors.  She knew that from the beginning. She was open to pulling in some cobalt blue as well. We wanted to keep it airy, so we added a lot of white and didn’t go too dark with the gray.  Her husband insisted on unpainted oak cabinetry and flooring.  So, we chose quartersawn oak as seen in this gorgeous kitchen featured in House Beautiful.  It’s a much less crazy obvious grain.  Much more updated.


Can you even believe that is oak?  Not all oak is bad.  It’s that honey toned builder’s grade oak cabinets that everyone is trying to paint or get rid of, not this gorgeous dark stained quartersawn oak.

Of course, I always like to give my client choices along the way.  That means there are multiple iterations of the storyboards and things evolve as we discuss.  It’s truly a collaborative design experience.  Here are some other iterations that we’ve considered.

clip_image002[1]  image clip_image002[4]

So fun!  Just a little taste as we are still tweaking it all.  But, she’s going to have one swanky kitchen and dining space.  And, the before and after will be incredible!  Her new cabinets go in by Christmas!  Can’t wait to show you the transformation.



  1. Ooh la la, it is going to be fabulous!!

  2. I love it!!! So much energy with the yellow and cobalt!

  3. Kristy, I love it!! Your choices on lighting r perfect……and the yellow, blue and gray flows so well together!

  4. This is an amazing undertaking! Congratulations ….it’s going to be out of this world!

  5. Such a beautiful storyboard! I’m in love with the kitchen lighting. It’s going to be gorgeous!

  6. Love it! I especially love the yellow barn door & the cobalt & yellow upholstered chairs.

  7. Debbie Cherry

    I love it! I don’t have experience with storyboards, but I see how one can provide inspiration and direction. I just might try choosing things to put on one to help me get my jumbled ideas together and see the direction I want to go!

  8. That yellow door is so awesome and my favorite part of the whole thing! Just gorgeous!!

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