Coming Up With Dining Room Plans

I showed this photo a few days ago.  Nothing like a photo of an incomplete room to motivate you to find time to think it through.


Issues in the space to be aware of as it pertains to design:
- Chair rail ends before the end of the wall so it makes it difficult to create a solid white lower half.
- The corners are all curved except the one wall with the three windows at the end of the table, so it makes it less ideal to put a new paint color in the space.  Plus, it’s open to all other common areas which makes a continuous color make most sense.
- Those darn three windows are in the way for much drama on that wall.
- The walls on each side of the doorway to the kitchen (to the left of the three window wall) are not equal in size which is frustrating for a symmetrical look.
- The room is open to the entry which means the color palettes can’t be too far apart from one another.


So, as of right now (it could change), we have put the two tall end chairs that were at the dining table in the first photo in the office for seating in there.

We kept the clear lucite chairs.  In fact, we’ve decided on no end chairs, and instead, four lucite chairs on each side.

That means we need two more lucite chairs to make eight.  I haven’t yet purchased those as I want to let these ideas simmer a bit first.

Here is an image of the six chairs placed at the table – 4 on one side, 2 on the other side, 2 more to come later.  Why four on each side?  Well, it’s less chaotic and it better allows for a rug in the space since the rug doesn’t have to be long enough to accommodate end chairs.  That means an 8×10 would work which is nice.


Oh, and all that blue tape?   We also very loosely placed painters tape on the wall to very roughly approximate picture frame molding on the walls.  Don’t worry, I know it’s not straight or proportional.  It’s rough.

I didn’t complete the squares and rectangles or even do some of them.  For instance, I just taped the four squares on the back wall.  There’d be picture frame molding squares under the chair rail all the way around the room. So, it’d be consistent throughout. And, they’d be squared and proportionate and finished off, unlike the tape.

We also laid a measuring tape down to show the size of an 8×10 rug, if we place one in the room.


So, right now the plan is for a rug under the table, picture frame molding on the walls and curtains (there is a window on the right wall).  Obviously we want to bring in color and that will be done through the rug.


We are debating if to also bring in color with the picture frame molding like in this inspiration photo below.


We could do ours blue or gold.  Then, do a stencil in the middle, even.

Let’s see how the dining room opens into the entry.


And, here is how the entry is looking.  Please pardon the slightly blurry photo.


So, that’s the plan so far!  Whatcha think?



  1. I love the idea of painting the molding you might put up a color. Blue would tie nicely with the blues you have through out the house. You could even just use fabric with starch rather than a stencil. I kind of liked the big chairs at the ends, but you are right, if you don’t love it that is what matters. And, I also wanted to put my two cents in on the light fixture…you know I am always honest with you, and so I have to tell you that I am not a fan of all the exposed bulbs. :)

    • Thanks Steph! I still like them. But, i may change the bulbs to round ones eventually and may paint the sockets. We’ll see! It’s definitely a personal preference, though. The fixture without the glass covers kind of reminds of the one in Emily A Clark’s breakfast room now. Good idea on the fabric!

  2. Kristy, have you thought about hanging a spectacular painting (rectangular) covering that middle window in dining room? You have 3 other windows so won’t (probably) miss the light and would be some drama for the room. I’d say 3-4 feet tall and a wee bit wider than the window?


    • Interesting idea. Hadn’t thought of that. I’ll have to consider that, though I don’t think I’ll like the scale of a super skinny (it’d have to be like 14 inches) painting versus the very nearby windows and overall wall. But, I do like how you think outside the box!

  3. Yes, that is pretty skinny you are right. Hmmmm.

    • I haven’t measured – it may be a tad wider, but yeah. Plus the window sill sticks out. I like the molding – it takes some emphasis away from the windows.

  4. Please, don’t color the moulding. That would add too many fussy details, plus the four boxes below the three windows would be visually busy. I would skip the molding because it wouldn’t work out geometrically. I would get a huge beautiful rug and a great chandelier and call it a day. Less is more.

  5. I’m not a Pro! I have no formal training, just a passion for this crazy part of life. So, my opinion has no “weight”. I love the room, that ceiling is fabulous! The texture and scale of the table is wonderful. I rather liked the “host” chairs with the table, but if they have a better place in your home, they should be where they are at their best. I don’t get the four and two combination of the chairs? (I guess that’s my lack of education coming through). Why not three and three? A large rug with some blues would ground that great table and bring some blue in! Maybe seeing it with a large rug with a pattern would help me “get” the Lucite chairs. I have mixed feelings on the molding. Think I would add a rug first, and go from there. The room will “tell” you what it needs!!
    I love the rooms you have shown us of your home. They are perfect! I know that you will end up with the perfect pieces and scale in the dining room.

    • Oh, hehe, it’s just that I only own six for now. I plan to buy two more, making 4 on each side. Definitely a rug with those colors. Yep, still formulating a plan for sure. Thanks!

  6. I think it sounds like a good plan. I LOVE the idea of losing the captain’s chairs. It really showcases that amazing table. I vote for the picture moldings in blue! Can’t wait to see what you select for the rug!

    • Exactly! You can see more of the table. And, I love the table. Yep – the rug will determine which way we go with the molding. Thanks!!

  7. The four squares under the three windows looks a little wonky to me. What about doing a full treatment on that wall, run the molding between each window and putting the picture molding on the entire wall and paint the entire thing white (or what ever color you go with for below the chair rail) I think that with the window treatments it will be stunning, make a funky wall with tiny windows a feature.

    • It’s a tough to work with wall for sure. However, I think the squares help the windows to fit in as they are also small squares. I like the idea of an entire wall treatment, but I am not sure of a great design for that that won’t look a little off. I’ll have to think on that. I am not huge on window treatments for tiny windows because to me, it emphasizes how small they are and can seem awkward, but I know what you mean – it’d be fun to have fabric there. Well see!

    • Oh yeah, I just taped the four squares. Sorry. There’d be picture frame molding squares under the chair rail all the way around the room. So, it’d be consistent throughout. And, they’d be squared and proportionate and finished off, unlike the tape. It was just rough.

  8. And by the way, why the funky windows anyway? What were they thinking? Doesn’t everybody want to SEE out windows unless it’s in the bath? I don’t get the builder’s purpose!

    • Haha, awesome question! I wish I knew. I guess it’s just one of those builder’s trends like two story family rooms. Not something I personally love, but hey. :) It could be worse.

  9. If it were me I’d do the picture frame moulding the same as the walls or a darker grey. But I like the neutral stuff – really I like all white! So if you want color – go for it! I think the gold would look classy. That dining room table is so cool. I still loved the look of those tall chairs on the end of the table but I like the 8 lucite chairs too :)

  10. Im loving those linen end chairs. Where did you find those?

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