Dining Chandy Gets New Look

A confession – I haven’t gotten a ton done on the house since my last updates which can be seen on the tour page, but I have done some things.  Here is an update on the dining room.   Basically, it’s still a pretty blank slate.  I’m going to change up the chairs and the glass containers won’t stay.  I know I could just zoom in only on the new elements like many bloggers do (which makes total sense even though I always wonder what is outside the camera view).  That would sure look better since it’s so unfinished, but why not just show the whole thing?



As you can see below, we had a nice chandelier from the builder (an upgrade) when we moved in, but I always hate the frosted glass shades that covered the light bulbs.  So, I took them off!  Do you like the new look?

The photo below also still has the builder’s beige on the walls as well (pre-painting), though the sunlight washes it out a bit.  Can you tell a difference between it and the new greige  above?  It’s subtle, though the builders beige quickly went orange in certain lighting and that’s nice to be rid of.


I like the new look of the chandelier.  My husband doesn’t like the white sockets that you screw the bulb into showing, but I can easily Rub and Buff those or paint them.  I don’t mind them myself.  I like anything industrial, though.

I also removed the chair from the family room, and put that set of chairs back in the dining room where they belong, as you see below.


However, the scale kind of bothers me, compared to the shorter lucite chairs.  Some designers do that, but it bugs me.  So, I may take those out.  Or, the others.  I am just going to play with it when I get time.  I don’t want them to be a design obstacle as we discussed here.

Still so much to do!  The room is far from complete.  I don’t have a firm plan for it yet.  I’m still thinking about it.  But, I do hope to add color though curtains and art.  Probably some picture frame molding as well.

As mentioned, the jars will not stay on the table.  They are meant for the top of the cabinets, which I rarely do.  But it will be simply and sleek and not visually busy.  However, we first have to build a platform so they can sit above the crown molding on the cabinets.  I plan to add some greenery on the table instead.


What else have I done in the house since the last tour photos?  I’ve added a few pillows and accessories in the family room, had the office painted, added a few accessories in the kitchen.  Not a ton.  I need to get photos of the guest room up, as it’s essentially done, but I feel like I need a wider angle lens – I can’t get great shots of the space while in the room.  I’ll try to get some updated photos soon.

The painting of the common areas of the house took us a while (we did half ourselves) and demanded most of our attention during that time.  So, that has slowed me down on other progress.  And, I’ve been pretty sick with asthma, sore throat and such since all of the painting.  I’m so prone to allergies.  We used no VOC paint, but that doesn’t mean no allergies.  Dang it.  So, we’re leaving windows open, hoping it all dissipates soon.  And, in the meantime, I’ve pulled out the nebulizer.

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books that were around years ago?  Are you old enough to remember?  I would read them in elementary school.  I loved being able to help decide what happens.

I want to involve you in upcoming posts in a similar way.

Out of the possibilities below, what would you love to see a post about?

- How to choose paint colors for open concept spaces.
- Updated pics of the new house.
- Why this room works series explaining why certain spaces work.
- How to find a good painter.
- Series on undertones.  This would explain why a room may not be working.
- Best of Craigslist.
- Staging tips.
- Trends.

Those are just off the top of my head.  Anything else that I didn’t list that you’d love to see a post written about?



  1. I also prefer the chandelier without the shades! I think it looks sooo nice, and you can get a better look at the entire shape of it.

    Hmm…I would choose trends. I would be interested to know what’s in store for winter and going into the new year.

  2. Chandelier is a winner! We removed every builder light fixture that came with our home! I have also used little round light bulbs in the “office” chandelier…goes with the round crystal balls! They are just about the same size. Love the “look”.
    I used similar jars at Christmas filled with small gold balls! I now have them in the kitchen filled with different pastas. Have left the space above the upper cabinets empty…gives a clean, no clutter look. Also omits cleaning dust and grime off the gems that would be up there!

    • I totally agree about the cabinets. I have never put anything on top, but I saw an inspiration photo with just glass in various tones on top and it was nice and still clean. So, I’m toying with that idea.

  3. I loved CYOA books, and still have a few on my bookshelf I believe. I would be most interested in seeing your house updates and staging tips. I agree with your husband, the white sockets are distracting. If they were the same color as the light it would look fabulous! And, I LOVE your end chairs, but keep playing and find the look you like!

  4. Yes to ALL those topics! I love how you changed up your chandelier – it looks great! Your table is so pretty. I want one just like it!

  5. love the new bulbs! they add the perfect fun touch! love the whole room!

  6. I think I’d like the why this room work series.

  7. I really like the fixture without the globes Kristy. It looks much more sophisticated with just the bulbs. The white below the bulbs doesn’t bother me at all. I sure hope you feel better soon. I know all too well how asthma can affect a person. It’s tough when you don’t feel up to par, especially working at the same time. Take good care.

  8. I really like the tall dining room chairs – they look great in that room. So I’d vote to replace the clear chairs. They are cool but you are right they aren’t quite tall enough!

  9. Great move getting rid of the shades! I would have thought I would have had to toss the whole chandy, but this looks great!!! Bummer the lucite chairs aren’t tall enough :( Love the end chairs though. On the post – I’d like to hear more about what makes certain spaces work. I need help there.

  10. Love all the chairs, but I agree that the scale is a little off. Don’t you just hate that? Especially when it means spending more money. I’d still love to hear your thoughts on choosing painters (or any professional for that matter) but I’d add to the list what is trending. I’ve been busy lately and have probably missed some of the trends so I’d love to see your take.

  11. I like the chandy’s new look! And I’d happily read a post on any of those topics!

  12. That’s an interesting idea for the chancy, & I really like the tray ceiling.


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