DIY Halloween Costumes

Last year I posted some quick and easy diy halloween costumes.  I wanted to post more costume ideas this year just in case you are stressing over what to dress up as.

image image[10]

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image image

image image image

So cute!  What’s your fav?

What are you and your kiddos(if you have them) going to be this Halloween?  Do you have it all figured out or is it a last minute thing for you?



  1. That mouse and trap costume is hilarious!!!

  2. Hahaha! The little mouse in the trap costume is too adorable! :)

  3. Love the mouse trap. Too funny!
    My mom, myself, 2 Year old and newborn daughters will all be going as butterflies. My two year old will be wearing a tutu cause she loves them so I guess she is more of a fairy. I wanted something simple since I have a new born (seriously new. She was born yesterday) so I made the tutu last month and got cheap wings. I am planning on making paper clip on wings for the newborn so I can just clip it to her carrier so that’s all that’s left to do now.

    • Aw, born yesterday?! Congratulations! That’s awesome and amazing that you are even this on top of things. Take care of yourself.

  4. My favorite is the mouse trap too! I think my grandson Carter will have fun going to a couple of houses this year in his Elmo costume. I can’t wait until he wants really cool costumes like these!

  5. So precious these little ones. Since I’m a Grandma now, I get a reprieve from it all but I would dress up in a NY minute if I could go with my little cutie…who is 2 now but she lives too far away. I always made my kids costumes when they were little & I loved every minute of it. I miss that so.

  6. Popeye is adorable! My boys always wait til the last minute to choose a costume. Drives me crazy! I was thinking of going as a Toddlers In Tiaras contestant for our adult party.

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