More Thoughts on the Dining Room

Alrighty, so this week’s post on possibly doing blue picture frame molding in the dining room was fairly controversial.  That’s definitely is not always a bad thing.  I wouldn’t hesitate to do what you like if you like it.

Since that was just a preliminary idea, I continued on with brainstorming and here is where I am now.   Here is the design we’re going to start working on executing.  I created a mock up of this idea in the space in order to show it to you, below.


Blue (maybe more navy than it appears here) on the upper part of the wall, despite the curved corners.  White or pale gray on the bottom, white picture frame molding only on the bottom, below the chair rail.

Then, I will anchor the space with a natural jute rug which would add some texture to the space.  I’d add some life and green with plants on the table.  Probably actually three topiary style plants.

I will continue the blue (navy) on the wall on the coffered ceiling.

When designing a space, you have to also consider what is going on within eye shot so it all works together.  How would this work with the nearby entry?

Let’s take a look at the two side by side.  I’m considering a stencil behind the blue dresser in the entry.

entryanddining combo

How does the space look currently?  Well, so you can compare, here are the last photos that I shared where I had the tape loosely put up to show a general idea.

Dining-001-5 Dining-007-4

So, the top images depict the design that we are going for.  I thought I would share.

Of course, things could change!  I’m always making tweaks.

Stay tuned to see the progress!   We hope to get started soon.



  1. Looks good, love the navy and how it will flow with the entry (love love love that dresser – I was smitten when you first posted it). I like that you are only going with the picture frames under the chair rail, otherwise to me it feels to busy and distracts from the fabulous ceiling. Plus it doesn’t feel quite as fussy as the intial post (tape) did.

    Personally I would be temped to remove the chair rail completely – looks like you have sufficent space to not actually need it to function as a chair rail to protect the walls and go with something similar to your inspiration folder in teal (one larger frame) in each designated area (under each window and at the top of the window on the “tall walls”) with a stenciled bkgrnd (that is really detailed such as Paisley Allover or Diamond Damask or really simple like Houndstooth) the navy with a Translucent glaze over top.

    I have faith it will look amazing however you decide you have a great eye & I enjoy your blog. Can’t wait to see it as it progresses!

    • Thanks!! I definitely considered no chair rail, but in the end, I liked this mock up better. But, that’s another great idea and is much like the inspiration photo.

  2. I’m loving the direction this room is going! Also like the more natural rug as opposed to the houndstooth pattern you showed us the other day. I think it’s going to look awesome together with the entry too.

  3. I’m liking it!
    Is there any way to incorporate some blue, with a little white and gray, in a large rug? Though, I do understand the natural rug idea, it’s so popular today.

  4. Didn’t know if you had a blue in mind but take a look at BM Champion Cobalt. I painted my dining room in this color and LOVE it!

  5. I like the way the navy ties in with the dresser in the entry! LOVE that dresser! It’s so fun the way you share all this with us – can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  6. Outstanding ideas Kristy. Love the blue. Certainly has that needed pop. Ceiling looks great blue as well. Stencil in the entry could work, not exactly sure but I’m sure you would make it work.

  7. I actually think the dining room looks more modern and gorgeous in white with those beautiful dark wood floors. If you want bold color, thrown in accessories. The navy walls are too distracting and too overdone looking. I’ve always loved your dining table, well, since you posted about it, and the clear lucite chairs lend a modern look with the walls being white.

    • I love white. It’s gorgeous in many spaces, but personally, I know this about myself, I need color. I’m missing color on the walls around here. I actually contemplated white walls for a minute, but it doesn’t work well with the adjacent spaces, lighting, etc. I do think white is a fabulous choice in many situations, though! But, it looks like this is the direction we’re heading in, as of now. :)

  8. Well, whatever you choose will be stunning and I look forward to the “after” photos.

  9. I appreciate all of your opinions and fun ideas. This is the design we’ve settled on. Just wanted to share where we were at. I’ll keep you updated and let you know if it changes! My next post on it should be one showing us getting it done and progress we’ve made!

  10. The navy on the ceiling and walls is spectacular. Eons better than the inspiration photo. I am not as sure about the gray under the chair rail. Perhaps similar stencils behind the entry chest and below the chair rail with a larger scale in the dining room. The concern I have is that the upper walls and ceiling are so striking that they overwhelm the lower walls. Something with more weight at the bottom would fight the top-heavy look.

  11. Love the blue!! I look forward to seeing it when you finish.

  12. I think that navy is a fabulous idea! It’s going to look absolutely fantastic!

  13. I’m currently painting my DR blue – midnight by Eddie Bauer. I like the color in the pinterest photo, your mock up color, too. I also have a curve entryway that has uneven walls on either side (actually one side does not have wall space; it’s a corner).
    Can’t wait to see your progress!

  14. I think it’s really beautiful! I love the ceiling and how the walls will mirror the “blocks”. Because of how I decorate, I would put a bright POP of color (kelly green, yellow, hot/bubble gum pink) either as a center piece on the table or rug. Kind of help ground the center of the room. It’s by all means not necessary… gorgeous as it is!

  15. I just LOVE how you do these mock-ups! I need to learn so many things like this. It is so true about considering the adjoining spaces. This is such a struggle in our home because the entire lower floor “adjoins”, but your set up looks great!

  16. OH! And just because I’m a HUGE lighting fanatic, I lovingly suggest an alternate chandelier. ;-)

    • I love lighting as well, but that is just not in the cards for a while. Budget rules, right? I actually don’t hate this chandelier though. It will be fine for a while until it’s in the budget to replace.

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