Survey on Starting a Design Business

If you have recently started a design/ decorating business or aspire to start one, could you please take this four question survey? It is anonymous and super quick and easy. I am interested in writing posts in the future that are targeted to your needs. And, well, I just want to get to know you all better!

(A second post will be for those who have or will hire design professionals.)

If the entire survey does not show up, you may have to click on the actual post (click on the title) to see the full survey.


If you answered those questions anonymously, but would like to leave more specific feedback, that would be greatly appreciated! I’d love to hear more about exactly what you feel you could use to help get you started or growing.  What questions would you love to ask?

If you have a well established design business, would you ever be interested in contributing to article that help others get started?

Feel free to email me feedback as well.   There is an email icon on the upper right of the blog.


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