Survey for Those Who Do or May Hire Decorators/ Designers

Earlier, I posted a survey for new design/ decorating business owners or those who aspire to start a design business. This survey is for those who instead have hired a decorator/designer or who will hire one in the future.   (I know some of you are awesome at putting rooms together and do not need designers.)

It’s three simple questions.

The survey is anonymous and super quick and easy. I am interested in writing posts in the future that are targeted to your needs. And, well, I just want to get to know you all better!

You have to click on the actual post (click on the title) to see the full survey. Sorry about that.


If you answered those questions anonymously, but would like to leave more specific feedback, I would love you for that! For instance, I’m also curious about what you find to be the biggest difficulties in hiring a decorator/designer as well as in finding the right decorator/ designer. And, what would make the process of getting help easier? Would you like to hear more about realistic budgets and pricing?  Do you wish there was a place to just ask a quick question and not get charged?

Feel free to email me feedback as well.   There is an email icon on the upper right of the blog.

This isn’t my secret way of getting business.   I really just want to pick your brain and see how I can be helpful, no matter who you hire.



  1. kristy, I can’t imagine I’d ever use a designer, honestly. I get pleasure out of seeing/imagining my one room/color pop/new items and I think, for me, using a designer would loose that joy for me.

    You asked, I’m just sayin……… but I do get my ideas many times from reading all you bloggers! YOU ARE GREAT!


    • Absolutely. Not everyone would. Many love doing it themselves and are plenty good at it. The questions are more so for those who would use a designer – how do they find them, etc. Thanks for the input!

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