Warrenton and Round Top Antique Show

I made it out to the big TX antique show this week.  It was about a two hour drive each way, in the middle of nowhere.  But, boy was it cool!  It happens twice a year and has been going on for 45 years.

Warrenton, TX is just west of Round Top, TX and then Marburger Farms (a specific show) was in between.  Each had a distinctive flavor.  Warrenton was laid back, super friendly, pretty good prices and super casual.  Round Top, a little less casual and the items were presented in a more “styled” way.  Then, Marburger Farms was upscale.  A bit of a fashion show, more expensive and very styled.  I heard a rumor that Martha Stewart was there, but I didn’t see her.

I liked them all in different ways.

Here are some photos from the day.  You can probably guess which ones are from which area.  But, I will arrange them by genres for easy viewing.   You can click on an image to see it larger.


WarrentonRR-039 WarrentonRR-117

WarrentonRR-009 WarrentonRR-010 WarrentonRR-024

WarrentonRR-025 WarrentonRR-034 WarrentonRR-035

WarrentonRR-037 WarrentonRR-090

WarrentonRR-071 WarrentonRR-102 WarrentonRR-098

WarrentonRR-220 WarrentonRR-164 WarrentonRR-136

WarrentonRR-127 WarrentonRR-105

Please forgive the not so great pictures at funky angles.  I was using my phone and things were so packed in, it was tough to get a good angle.

It was such a pretty area.  This house literally stopped me in my tracks. Love the crisp white house with the old aged barn.  There was a pond with a little white canoe to the right.  So lovely.  And that tree is awesome!




I guess marbles are pretty popular.  And if you were looking for old school roller skates, this is the place!

WarrentonRR-016 WarrentonRR-023

WarrentonRR-104 WarrentonRR-064


WarrentonRR-033 WarrentonRR-078 WarrentonRR-079

WarrentonRR-044 WarrentonRR-052 WarrentonRR-065

WarrentonRR-073 WarrentonRR-075 WarrentonRR-146

WarrentonRR-113 WarrentonRR-221 WarrentonRR-141

And, believe it or not, there was a set of painted chairs (the fabric was painted)!   See the image below.



WarrentonRR-081 WarrentonRR-058 WarrentonRR-060

WarrentonRR-165 WarrentonRR-214 WarrentonRR-191

WarrentonRR-161 WarrentonRR-192


WarrentonRR-057 WarrentonRR-068 WarrentonRR-156

WarrentonRR-158 WarrentonRR-167

WarrentonRR-218 WarrentonRR-195

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  I sincerely tried to find vendor names, but so few booths had names prominently displayed.  However, if you are interested in something, I can tell you an approximate location.

There were miles and miles of vendors.  I maybe saw a fifth of what they had – if that.

I was sure to get this post out before it’s over.  The show goes through Oct 6th.  Head out there if you have time!



  1. Wow, I see some things I like for sure! 2 hours doesn’t seem like much to me anymore. I’ve driven 8 hours one way to get to a show :)

  2. This looks similar to Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta! So much great stuff to be had! Wouldn’t that big cafe’ sign be fantastic along your dining room walls!?!

  3. Goodness Gracious, do I ever love all this stuff! I might have to make a trip TX way for next year. Excuse me while I’m drooling all over the keyboard…jk. A person could never get through all this but it sure would be fun to try. Thanks for all these wonderful photos Kristy. Have fun as I am sure you are.

  4. AAAAAHHHH, but that looks amazing. I would love to have a whole house to furnish – and someone else footing the bill!!

  5. So I am dying to know, what did you actually buy? I would LOVE to go to one of those just once in my lifetime. I hear you have to rent or bring a big truck for us living out of state. Man, there were some darn cool things there. Would you say the prices are better than the antique malls? Were they more retail or re-sale?

    • Oh yeah, prices… Warrenton was about like a less expensive antique mall (you know the ones) while Marburger and Round Top were a little more like retail.

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