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Painted the Dry Erase Board Navy!

We got her painted (just the back of it)!  I know we said we were going to paint it black, but in the end, we went with navy.  The advantage – we had some on hand from Ben Moore’s Natura line (odor free, no VOC), so we went for that!


It’s tough to get a good shot of due to the shape of the room and camera lens, but hopefully you get the idea.

In the reflection, you can begin to see all of my husband’s work equipment on his desk – whew, that’s a lot of mess that we can’t exactly hide, but not everything can be perfect, right?

Here is one more view.


Eventually, we will fix those cords that you see at the bottom there.

Here it is when it was still clear.  (In our last office, we did one in white.)


The dry erase board took 4 coats of blue paint on the back, rolled on.   There are 12 stand off mounts.  The edges of the acrylic sheet are fire polished for a glass look.   And, we have white wet erase markers for it!  I will post a photo soon with some writing so you can see how it looks.

The neat thing about the diy version?  You can make it in any color you want!!



  1. Wow, it looks great! I love the glossy glass look.

  2. It looks great, Kristy! I’m a sucker for all things navy.

  3. The navy looks killer!

  4. Kristy it came out great!! How fun is that punch of blue! And the mounts are so cool too!

  5. I *love* this, Kristy!! It is fabulous!!!!! I totally want one, now!

  6. Put some white on that and it will look like an old blueprint! The really old ones – the true blueprints – not the bluelines! I used to work in a blueprint shop – I made thousands of bluelines!

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! My husband said it’d be like a blue screen of death – you know, when your computer stops working. haha. Either way, I like the white on it.

      • That is awesome! Thanks for the post! We have a restaurant and have been wanting something like this to fill a hole in the wall that used to be a window between rooms so we could make it the special board or such and this is exactly what we wanted! We shall see how it turns out! 🙂

  7. What a fabulous KNOCKOUT!!! That blue is outstanding! That’s not a mess, that’s a creative genius at work! Super job!!!

  8. I love that color, it reminds me of one of the Pantone 2013 colors. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s pretty!

  9. I LOVE that you painted it this blue color – I think it takes it to a personal level and looks GREAT!

  10. It looks great! Awesome color choice! Will the darker color affect which dry erase colors show up?

    • You can see all of the wet erase markers that we have (pink, yellow, green, white, blue). But, the dry erase markers are harder to see. Green and orange show up the best.

  11. Where did you get that board(plexi glass?) from? I’m looking to make a smaller version of that to put in like a big picture frame or to replace the chalkboard in my sidewalk “A” frame sign for my business….thnx!!

    • I called the local plastics companies and got bids on the phone. Then, I ordered and they delivered. But, if you aren’t going that large or don’t need a custom size, I’d recommend checking out lexan from Lowes. It does even better with dry erase markers and it’s cheaper since it’s already cut. Hope that helps!

  12. One more question, where did you get the White Wet Erase markers from?

  13. One more question, where did you get the White Markers from?

  14. Hi! I just love this idea; it’s very clever! I have a few questions that I’d like to ask, if you don’t mind.
    1) What’s the name of the paint color you used? 2) I live in Austin and I was wondering which plastics company you used? 3) Did you experience any burn or etching when you left the wet erase markers on the board for a long time? 4) Was it stable/ solid to write on? 5) And any ordering info you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
    We’re thinking of using this in a software design office in Austin. I think it’ll be just the thing to give the space a youthful, high-tech look. Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Alicia!

      1) The paint color was a custom mix by Ben Moore. I can probably look up the formula if you’d like… 2) I think the company in Austin was Austin Plastics. But, if that doesn’t come up in a search, let me know and I’ll try to figure it out. 3) I didn’t experience any burn or etching. Just once when my husband used a paper towel to erase, there were some micro scratches. Always use a soft microfiber cloth. My mom used some plexi glass from Lowes and did have ghosting with one brand of markers (that she owned for a while) but not with another brand (I could ask her the brands if you’d like). 4) It’s completely stable if you put center supports on the 4×8 size. You need a support every 2-3 feet. We mounted it off the wall a bit but it was still stable. 5) If you will email me, I can send you my order info once I find it in email… may take me a bit… but most of the specs I used are on here on this post:

      Hope that helps!

      It’d be perfect for a software design office – that’s what my hubby does and he loves it! What sort of software design? You’ll have to email me.


  15. Love this! How did you paint the back without streaking?

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