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Got our Topiaries

I ordered three topiaries (preserved boxwoods, not plastic) from Joss & Main on November 16th after watching for them at the right price for a few months.  They are for our dining table.

I was so excited.  I received them today!  Aren’t you always thrilled when a package comes?


But, when I opened them, the pots were broken.  Two were pretty demolished.  One wasn’t too bad.


Oh no.

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with Joss & Main, it’s a flash sale site.  They highlight certain products and put them on extreme sales for just a few days at a time.  Then, on to the next manufacturer or designer round up.   If you aren’t a member of sites like this, you really should be – they always have unique things that you do not see in big box stores.  I love these sites – Joss & Main, One Kings Lane, The Foundary, Hautelook, etc.

I hadn’t dealt with the customer service at Joss & Main before.  Most things on these flash sale sites are not returnable.

I know One Kings Lane has amazing customer service.  I mean, if you order a rug or pillows, they let you return it within 14 days.  I did this with a rug as well as a pillow and they were amazing – they paid return shipping and someone came out to pick it up.  It could not have been easier.  And, nothing lost.   The reason for my return – the color was not as it appeared on the screen when I purchased it.  I can’t say enough about how gracious they were about it.  But, I wasn’t sure about Joss & Main.

Here is one pot after removing the plastic wrapping.



And, both after removing the plastic wrapping.  It was a mess!


So, I called Joss & Main.  They were amazing.  They immediately issued a full refund and didn’t make me ship the broken pieces back.  That was a relief since shipping things back is never fun.  I was impressed by their customer service.  This just makes me all the more confident when making purchases through them.

However, the bad news?  They don’t have any others – they are out!  So, I am hoping I can find new pots and make the plants work.  Wish me luck!

Here are the three – the two on the right are just in styrofoam (that is broken up a bit).


The one on the left is in pretty good shape – just a few chips, but it’s not falling apart at least.

So, join Joss & Main and One Kings Lane if you haven’t!   They post at least one sale per day.  Mostly home furnishings.  And, the sales are always unique and most of the time, the prices are great.  For instance, I got these for $40 each, when they are typically sold for around $80 each.

You do have to sign up, but it’s painless and quick.  Do you order from these sites?  What has your experience been?   Would you have been crushed if your pots were crushed?


P.S.  I am not being compensated in any way for this review of customer service.


  1. I second the great customer service at Joss & Main! I ordered a coffee table a few months ago, and when it came, one corner was dented. I emailed them and immediately they sent another table. Didn’t even want to see the pictures of the table and didn’t ask for the damaged one back. Weirdly, I now have two coffee tables….but I’m waiting for inspiration to strike on what to do with the damaged one. I’ve ordered 4-5 times since then and never had any other problems with damage. Love them, and I love the notification I get on my phone when new sales are up (OKL does this, too!).

  2. Oh no!!! They are so pretty I’m sure you’ll find some great replacements on the pots. I love Joss and Main and am glad to hear you had a great experience with their customer service!

  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry that your pots broke, but it’s great to hear that Joss & Main have such great customer service! I’m sure you’ll find something awesome to put the topiaries in!

  4. I’m sorry this happened Kristy. I know how you were searching for the matches. From what it appears, you should be able to put them in matching pots & fluff up the preserved greenery. I’ve had good luck with J&M and One Kings Lane.

    I had something similar happen with Rugs USA. I will never order from them again! It was a deal through Groupon. Rugs USA had some buffet lamps online that I had my eye on. I needed 2 matching buffet lamps so I ordered them through my Groupon deal. I waited & I waited & nothing. I tried to contact Rugs USA through their customer service by phone & all I got was a voice mail. I emailed Rugs USA & nothing…nada, zilch. Now 3 weeks had gone by & I was getting angry. I contacted Groupon & boy did they go to bat for me. They got someone to respond to me from Rugs USA by phone.

    So here come my 2 lamps via UPS. One was totally shattered, the rather thin box was smashed as well. The other had a few issues but it was passable. So here I go again. I contacted Rugs USA & again nothing but Groupon came through again for me. Rugs USA allowed me to keep the shattered lamp (gee Thanks I think) Now the 3rd lamp came partially broken again with a stained shade. I just couldn’t deal with this again so I glued the pieces & actually had to do a little paint touch up & was able to clean the shade. We’re talking 6 weeks just to get 2 simple lamps. Never again Rugs USA!

    • Oh, no, that’s not good. I’m so sorry that it was so hard to get the lamps. I’ve used Rugs USA several times and have never had a problem. Of course, it was for rugs, so maybe they are just more efficient with that. They are actually another one of my favs.

  5. Kristy that stinks that they came broken. So sorry. Glad to hear the customer service was good.

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