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Meet Our Guest Room

I haven’t shared this room yet even though it was the first finished room in this house because it’s tough to photograph well.  But, here goes!  This is our guest room.

Guest Room-66

One day we may do somewhat of a gallery wall on that big blank wall.  I’m not quite sure yet.  In person it doesn’t feel so blank.  But, photos definitely read a little differently.

The room shares a jack-and-jill bathroom with the workout room, so essentially, guests have their own full bath when they visit.

Guest Room-43

This room is mostly comprised of things we already had.  Don’t you love to shop your own house?  I sure do.  Anytime you need something, make sure you don’t already have it first!

Perhaps you recognize the cowhide (faux cowhide) rug.  it was previously in our master bedroom at our home in Phoenix.

The bed is the same from our last guest room.  The sunburst mirror and curtains are from the master as well and the pillows, night stand, and art are from the family room in our last home.

Guest Room-17

The only new items are the HUGE television, dresser and bedding.

We got the television from our neighbors when they moved and the dresser came from a local etsy shop owner.   See a close up of the dresser below.  I love all of the drawers and gold hardware.

Guest Room-100

Here are a few more angles of the room.

Guest Room-35

Below is the view across from the bed.  The door on the right is to the bathroom.

Guest Room-74

And, from the door of the room, here it is again.

Guest Room-54

Do you have a guest room?  Does it get used often?  Does it feel worthwhile or have you given it up and used the space for something else?



  1. we have one and i love having the option to have people stay over! we use it every couple months. love yours! gorgeous!

  2. Oh Kristy, this is so lovely. I do recognize a few things from here & there. It looks so fresh & clean. Oh my, have we used our guestrooms?!?!? Kristy, last year we had over 60 guests in our house! The guestrooms & the casita have been used to the max. Don’t get me wrong, I love house guests but that many was a ton of work. The only good thing about summer in Phoenix is the heat keeps people away.

  3. Ours was turned into a nursery. Then we changed the computer room to a guest room but never decorated it. We just recently made the guest room a combo room with the play room. It looks cute and we use it daily plus grandma is our main guests so she doesn’t mind the toys.

  4. I enjoy having a guest room and it’s used relatively often.

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