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Client Project – Kitchen/ Living

A past client of mine is buying a new (new to them) home, set to close very soon.  They plan to renovate it.  She asked for my help with designing those renovations.  Here is a drawing of what we came up with.   She wanted the kitchen updated, timeless and with a bit of rustic charm.


The drawing was done in Photoshop since we didn’t need a 3d version in order to look at all angles.

What was the kitchen like before?  Check it out below.  Pretty builder grade and out dated.



That’s a big transformation awaiting them, huh?

Changes include:
– Painting the cabinets ivory.
– Installing a granite countertop on all but the island.
– Installing a custom made live edge wood countertop on the island.
– Extending the island countertop and adding legs to create a more custom look.
– Installing a kick plate on the island to insure that the feet of the kiddos don’t scuff the ivory paint job too much.
– Installing bronze industrial style pendant lights over the island.
– Installing a tumbled travertine subway tile for the backsplash.
– Installing stainless steel appliances.
– Getting rid of the yellow walls and painting them a medium greige, probably Copely Gray by Ben Moore.
– Installing dark stained cement flooring.  This gives a look of wood, but is much more cost effective.
– Adding cabinets over the fridge for a more finished look.
– Diy-ing blue cornice boards.
– Painting chairs blue – Boca Raton Blue by Ben Moore.

Here is the end drawing again, showing those changes.


Oh yeah, and she’s only getting three chairs at the table.  Just kidding.  I just didn’t want to cram the drawing too full of stuff.  I just needed to get the point across.

Well, after working on the kitchen, that meant I could not just leave the adjacent room alone, right?  Here is the before.


Below is our drawing for how we want to change it, again, so you don’t have to scroll up.

We’d add built in shelving next to the fireplace and add molding around he existing fireplace so that it all works together.  The backs of the shelves would be painted the same blue (Boca Raton Blue) that is in the kitchen area which is within eye site of this room.  This creates consistency.

The rug pictures is one that they already own.  So, is the sofa.

I threw this drawing (below) together just to give them an idea of how it could be transformed.


Note:  This is a high level look at a design for the space.  The furniture placement will not be how it’s shown above.  At all.  That was just to get the point across of how’d it look with some of the furnishings that she will be bringing to the house. It’s sort of like a storyboard.  We’ll deal with furniture placement later on.

The built-ins add character while the paint on the backing of the shelves brings a pop of color.  The dark cement floors mimic rustic wood tones for a touch of rustic.

The built in image that I used is from Just a Girl.  She used IKEA bookshelves to create a custom built-in effect.The shelves look crooked in the image above – they won’t be in real life.  Ha!

And, now to see the two future rooms side by side.  Check them out below.   First, let’s see it before.

image image

Now after.

image image

The changes really bring the house up to date, add character and bring in a timeless look that should last them many years and should they ever need to sell, it should make it easy.

Then, we get to check out accessories that would look great in the space such as this fabulous horse print at Home Decorators.  And, some antlers… and a sunburst and other elegant and rustic touches for an eclectic rustic elegant look.

clip_image002[13] clip_image002[15]

I’m looking forward to seeing these drawings come alive!


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  1. Can’t wait to see the completed room. Your mock up looks great. How is the concrete floor overlay done? Is that a diy project or professional? Do you go over the existing tile or take it up?

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