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Family Room Changes

We have moved some things around and added a new piece!


Not sure if you remember, but I found a great campaign style dresser on Craigslist a few months ago and we placed it in the family room.   You can see it below on the right.  We had planned to add shelves over it.


However, I never really loved it in that spot.  My husband did, though, so I let it go.  Ever compromise like that?  We do all the time!

One day this past week, however, I decided to just ask him to help me move some things around to see what he thought.  He is the type of person who really just needs to see things.

We moved the campaign dresser to the laundry room.  He loved it there and it gave us more storage and a place to put keys and all.


We hung some old art (from the former craft room in our Phoenix home) and an organizer that we’ve had for a while above the chest of drawers.   It’s not a master piece, but we are dealing with what we had on hand.

This set up did sort of prevent us from hanging anything long on that rod.  So across the room, on the right, I put some coat hooks on the wall to replace that functionality.   In this room is also a dry erase calendar, a freezer and a few upper cabinets that you see a hint of above.

So, then, the space where the campaign dresser was felt a little blank.  What to do?  There are light switches on the right of that small wall, so that limits the width of anything.  The walkway must remain wide enough, so that limits the depth of anything.  And, the ceilings are 12 feet high so that means we need something tall.

Do you know how hard it is to find a piece that is about 7 feet tall, 30-36  inches wide, and 15-17 inches deep?  Well, let me tell you, hard!

I searched online and then visited 7 stores.  I finally found it!

2013-09-06 16.34.53

It was the exact measurements I needed – 7 feet tall by 32 wide by 16 deep.  Yay!!  And, we need something to hold plants and books.  This will work well.

Though the color was nice, it wasn’t the color we needed for the room.  So, we painted it.  I started with a coat of paint in the color that we have in the dining room.   Then, followed it up with dark wax which deepened the color and added a hint of green.  It ended up being a deep navy that looked very dark blue in some lights and like it had a slight gray tint in other lights (which I think these photos depict).


We also replaced the hardware with hardware that I found on ebay.

How does it work with the room as a whole?


And, here it is a little closer up with the plants inside.


Much better!  I’m loving this new addition to the family room.    Now I feel like we may need something to go under the sunburst and light switches on the right, though.  So, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for that just right item.



  1. Love the switch, the campaign dresser is fab – but the new piece is perfect!

  2. oh that cabinet!!!! i am in LURVE! awesome!

  3. Outstanding cabinet & a positive dramatic change with the darker color. Love the switcheroo into the laundry room. Your house looks so beautiful Kristy!

  4. Love what you did to that cabinet. It looks so perfect in that spot. Sometimes you just have to hunt for a long while before you find the perfect piece, and you found it!

  5. Hi , what is the blue paint color you used on this cabinet and in your dining room? thank you

    • It’s a mix of several colors. I can’t even remember for sure but I know one was Annie Sloan aubusson. Another was a custom ben Moore blue similar to marine blue. I also added white and black, not sure what else. Then I did a dark wax over it. Yeah, probably not too helpful. Lol. Closest color may be ben moore marine blue or Sherwin Williams loyal blue with a dark wax over it.

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