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Five Things

1.  Office art.  My husband needed something that “fit” him on the wall across from the giant blue dry erase board in his office, above two chairs.   We finally decided to tackle that.

I ordered these Tesla blueprints from an Etsy shop.   They came as electronic files which we printed at Wal-Mart.   They are perfect for my husband because he loves science, and the blueprints keep with the blue theme.


I put them in six black frames that we already had on hand and tada, a new wall of art.  If you can’t find a piece large enough, don’t forget to consider several smaller pieces places close enough together that they act as one (this is about as far apart as you want them).


2.  Stone wall.  We had this sloped drop off where our backyard grass ends and the rest of the “natural” yard begins.  Chris, my husband, never liked it so he had a guy with a bulldozer or something like that (I don’t know one tractor from another) come in and scoop the slope out to make it a drop off.  It’s about a three foot drop off.

We don’t want it to erode, so we needed to build a retaining wall.  On our evenings we are working on that a lot of the time.  Chris has graded the area, installed drainage and most recently, we’ve been in a rock gathering mode and back-filling-with-dirt mode.  Believe it or not, we’ve found most of these rocks in our own yard or adjacent lots just before they were throwing them out.

2013-09-12 18.41.50

It has been exhausting.  These photos are from about a week ago, so there has been more progress since.  We have the top rocks to put on which may need mortar unlike the rest of the stacked stone, just to make sure they are secure and steps to build!  See those gigantic rocks?  Well, we hope to be able to lift them and get them on the top ledge!

2013-09-12 18.55.44

3.  Client Kitchen.  A client and friend sent me these wonderful before and after photos of her kitchen makeover.  I thought I’d share the awesome results!

image  image

The cabinets were painted, the island moved, wood flooring put down, a backsplash and new lighting added and the walls were painted.  Looks like a new kitchen!  See the after photos below.

image image

4.  Map.  Okay, the photos below suck.  That’s why I haven’t shared them.  It’s my half bath which is in a hallway with no windows.  So, between lighting and space, it’s tough to photograph.  But, we found a huge Texas map from a local courthouse on Craigslist for the wall!  The map is framed and is five feet by five feet!  We had to bring it home on top of my car!!

2013-05-28 17.07.42 2013-09-18 15.24.27

It’s one of my favorite pieces in our home now.

5.  Chair.  I bought this chair on Craigslist.


I painted it and recovered the cushion.    I love it!

Painted--2 Chair-11

And, yep, that’s the painted chair behind it.  It’s still alive and well.

There you have it, five quick things!



  1. You’ve been very very busy Kristy! Love the tesla blueprints. What handsome framed pieces they made. Wow, so lucky to have those free rocks & a beautiful wall they made. Happy to see the familiar blue chair again. Great post!

  2. I love the art prints! I think the old blueprint look is so cool. Your wall is gonna look great but I know how you feel – that kind of stuff is so exhausting! That map is pretty cool too!

  3. Kristy you have been one busy lady and I love it all.
    The walls of art are perfect when it is organized and cohesive.
    Love the new chair!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh my GOSH that wall is a huge undertaking! But is going look RAD! I wonder if you could use those large appliance belt thingys to move them? Love the new kitchen, it really looks wonderful. The chair is so stinkin cute!

  5. Hey Kristy, those photos(you call it tesla blueprints,I don’t have an idea what was it so I called it as photos hehe) were awesome then you paired it with those black frames with white border, it went out really nice! Goodluck on those stone walls too, I bet they’re heavy hihihi. And that chair you’ve repainted and changed the cushion was very pretty, it was totally revived from the old and awful one! You did a good job!

  6. You’ve been busy! I love the light in that kitchen, and the blueprint art idea!

  7. Jessica Montagliani

    Yay your hubby’s office looks AWESOME!!!! Good job….oh and LOVING that chair!! Wow what an awesome idea!! 🙂 Glad you posted on here about his office….it looks so so good! 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness I love that HUGE map!!!! You have been busy and I hope doing well ~ I miss ya! FYI…..I absolutely LOVE that cabinet you found and the blue color is perfect!

  9. I hope you’ll post a photo of the finished backyard, I bet it was a lot of work to get done. BTW, nice job on the craigslist chair.

  10. You did a good job on your husband’s office Kristy! Keep it up!

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