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Merry Christmas!

We probably aren’t going to decorate our house this year.  The very day that we were going to get out our gigantic tree and all of the accessories, my husband hurt his shoulder while pulling back on his bow.  Unfortunately, everything is too heavy and stored too high for me to handle it by myself. 

So, instead, I thought I’d show you a few photos from our Phoenix home which I don’t believe have appeared on my blog ever!   And, probably for good reason – they aren’t the best photos.  But, I thought I’d share them anyway.

IMG_3937 (1024x768)

The ceiling in that house was 20 feet high, which is the same with our current foyer.  So, we ended up with a 12 feet tree that we got off of Craigslist.  That thing is a monster to put together, but was a lot of fun to have.  We really liked having the greenery and sparkle in the corner. 

IMG_3934 (813x1024)

These photos were actually taken pre-blog with my old camera and not many turned out very well.  So, please overlook the photo quality.  Believe it or not, these are some of the better ones. 

IMG_3942 (1024x827)

Lots of silver and blue. 


We have similar colors in our home in Austin, but more navy/ dark blue than turquoise.  However, I don’t mind blending the two.  Last year, the day after Christmas, I got a few packages of simple ball ornaments at Hobby Lobby’s after Christmas sale.  I was looking forward to using them to fill in the tree even more and to create an ornament garland for the fireplace.  Similar to what you see here.

I also hope to make some DIY ornaments and a DIY ruffled tree skirt for next year.  I am probably going to follow Miss Mustard Seed’s tree skirt tutorial.

I’ve already been on Pinterest getting ideas for next year’s ornaments.   If you haven’t, I definitely suggest that you hop on Pinterest and check things out. 


Do you make any of your ornaments?  Have you made a tree skirt?   I’ve always just used a sheet or blanket. 

What are your Christmas hacks/ tips/ tricks?  

Do you go all out with décor?  We usually just put up one tree, then sprinkle a few things around the house, like some ornaments in a bowl, a glittered deer on a shelf, maybe some greenery on the mantel.  Nothing huge, but enough to be festive. 

Do the over-achievers make you feel like you can’t get your crap together ever?   Does decorating for holidays stress you out?   Or, is it fun, no matter how busy things get?  I’m definitely not a huge holiday decorator.  Things just seem so temporary for the amount of work.  I have to remind myself that it’s okay to have a simple Christmas and not overdo it or have things be magazine ready.  The Nester had a great post on this here.


Isn’t her family room simple but gorgeous?   Wouldn’t that almost intimidate you?  Only, I love how she humbly panned out with her camera and posted photos that showed what she didn’t want you to see in photos – how the house wasn’t perfect.  So refreshing! 

If you are in the mood for seeing how others are decorating this year, there are a couple of good blog hops out there in blog land:

Just a Girl’s Series on Christmas Home Tours


Christmas Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours


Both should keep you busy for hours!  There are some awesome homes out there.  Enjoy!!  And, Merry Christmas.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?  What do you do to remember the reason for the season?  



  1. That’s a gorgeous huge tree Kristy. I don’t recall seeing this either on your blog. I don’t blame you for not putting this up. You could injure yourself as well even if you tried. My tree is somewhat similar to yours with the colors scheme. I try to keep it simple anymore. I used to pull out the stops but I’m pretty much over that. I still have way too many Christmas decorations in my cabinets but the time to do it all just isn’t in my busy schedule.

    Yes, I’ve made many many ornaments & tree skirts over the years. My tree skirt is a dark teal piece of upholstery fabric that I snagged. Merry Christmas to you Kristy!

  2. Oh my goodness I’m SO sorry to hear about your husband’s hurt shoulder! I’m curious as to what was the bow pointed at??? :-) Anyhow, that tree is beautiful AND huge!!! I’m glad you’re not trying to to that by yourself! Merry Christmas to you both! xo, Anneke

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