Design Services

Hyphen Interiors provides the following services:
- E-design plans
- Design Consultations
- Gift Certificates
- Remix/ Redesign
- Staging Consultations (I do not provide furniture.)

NOTE:  I am phasing out local clients due to an upcoming out of state move.  However, you can email to get in a queue for e-design and once I am settled, I will accept e-design clients from TX.   I’m always happy to answer quick “5 minute” questions over email for free in the meantime, though. 

Pricing depends on the details of the project and in turn, how much time it will take.  So, please email me for a price.  I do try to be as reasonable as possible. People are often surprised by how reasonable e-design can be for those with a small budget.

If you are interested in design assistance or pricing, please email me at kristy (at) hypheninteriors (dot) com and I will be in touch with you.


E-Design/ Online Services
Online Services are perfect for –
-  Those who enjoy decorating but need some help getting started or finishing a room.
-  Those who need a plan that they can execute on their own.
-  Newly engaged couples wanting to start a registry for a room designed for their home.
-  Expecting mothers designing a nursery and starting a registry based on the design.
-  Those who don’t have time to meet in person.

E-decorating may be a great solution for you.  It’s a way to get a decorator’s opinion while still having the freedom to complete the room on your own time and budget.

Examples of my story boards are below:


image image

Below is a series of story boards that are for an open floor plan with rooms adjacent to each other.


Here is another set for adjacent spaces.


E-Design Packages

Hourly rate ($75 per hr).

Option A:
E-Design with Story Board:  Includes a story board for the space, a list of sources and notes on the space.

Option B:
E-Design with Story Board and Floor Plan:  Includes a story board for the space, a list of sources, notes on the space and a floor plan based on measurements given by client.

Option C:
Add a 3d view of how the room will look:  This includes a 3d view of furniture placement.  Furniture is approximated to look as much like the story board as possible.  Exact measurements are required from and provided by the client.

Here are examples of a 3d view.   The first example uses a custom stencil, art and wall color.  The benches and lighting are approximated items.


Here is how the actual space turned out.

An approximated plan that also came with a storyboard and shopping list to complete the details of the design.



Note:  Connecting rooms are not counted as one room.

Option D:

Another option if you don’t need a 3d drawing so you can see various angles, is a Photoshop drawing.  This will give you an idea of how the overall design will look in the end.

Below is an example of that.


Here is the kitchen area before.

How it Works
You send me pictures of your room, the room measurements, and a budget. I gather more information including color preferences, inspiration images that you have feel represent your style or the look you are going for, etc.

I take that information and develop a concept for the space.  We will work together via email (sometimes phone) to come up with a plan, specifically designed for your space.  As the name of my company suggests, I want it to not be just my design, but a design for you and your needs.


One Hour Consultations
One or Two Hour Quick Consultation
This is ideal if you just need a jump start or need to be pointed in the right design direction. The time can be spent however you feel is best based on your needs.  You can ask whatever you would like. We can focus on one space in your home or do a general tour.  We can discuss things like furniture arrangement, accessories, and color choices.  $70 per hour with a half hour minimum.

One or Two Hour Consult and Story Board
This option includes:
- One hour consultation (see description above).
- Story board.
- List of sources and summary of the concept.
- I can do measurements if you want to order a floor plan as well, but that may result in additional hourly consultation fees depending on time spent, or I can get  the measurements from the client.

Add a 3d view of how the room will look.   This includes a 3d view of furniture placement.  Furniture is approximated to look as much like the story board as possible.  Exact measurements of all rooms and items to be included are required from and provided by the client.

Non Locals:
If you are not local, in addition to regular fees, my travel time will be billed at a 1/2 time rate.  Flights and lodging need to be paid for by the client if it requires travel and overnight stay.

Gift Certificates
Looking for the perfect gift?  Give the gift of stylish design by purchasing an e- Design for a newlywed, expecting mom or a friend who loves beautiful things.  Or, perhaps you’d like to request one for yourself.


Interior Redesign
This service includes using your existing furniture and accessories.  I will re-arrange your furniture and accessories (possibly using items from the entire home), make suggestions for purchases and recommendations for future projects. $300/ 5 hours
(If an assistant is required – $20/hr per assistant.)


Selling your home? This service includes suggestions for preparing your home for sell as well as staging your existing furniture and accessories with the buyer in mind. $70 per hour.
(If an assistant is required – $20/hr per assistant.)


Payable By
Paypal.   Contact me regarding my availability and your needs.  Once we agree on moving forward, you will receive a PayPal invoice by e-mail.