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Christmas Décor – Carol from The Design Pages

Today, Carol is going to share with us what her perfect Christmas party would look like!  Enjoy.  I hope all of your holiday celebrations are going well this year!


Hi everyone,  I”m Carol from The Design Pages and I’m so happy to be here today sharing my thoughts on Christmas while Kristy gets her new life in Austin in order.

Christmas is my very favourite time of year.  Our family loves to host parties at any time of year but we like to ramp it up during the holidays.  My good intentions to put on a stunningly beautiful, magazine worthy party rarely come to fruition but if people leave with full bellies and smiles then it was a good night.  Here’s a peek at what my perfect party would include.

Of course, my house would look like this –


A beautiful and festive front porch to set the tone –

A colourful entrance –


A perfectly set table –


Little touches of Christmas everywhere –



Then we’d get to the good stuff –



Well I guess I’ll have to get working if this is what I’m hoping to accomplish this year:)  Thanks for indulging me everyone!  To see more of what I’ve created throughout the holiday season drop by and visit me at my blog.  Thanks for having me over today Kristy.

Thanks, Carol!  Sounds like it will be a beautiful party!  Merry Christmas, everyone!!


Christmas Traditions – Kim from Keller Creative

What a fun post today.  Kim is going to share some of her family’s Christmas traditions.

And, check out her header graphic.  So cute!  She changes it out often as she also does graphic design.


Hi everyone, I’m Kim from Keller-Creative! Thanks so much to Kristy for having me over at her blog today.

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for holiday traditions. I love that each family has their own and that it’s never to late to start a new one. Here are some of our family traditions:

1. Clam Chowder:

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember we have had Clam Chowder. When my mom was little, her mom would serve Oyster Stew but since my mom never liked Oyster Stew when it came time for her to start making the Christmas Eve meal it changed to Clam Chowder. Most years we serve it with a cold cut sandwich but the past couple of years we’ve changed it up and made pizzas instead. This year we plan on serving it in bread bowls and having a salad.

2.  Our Christmas Eve Present

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

On Christmas Eve, after we’ve had our clam chowder, we always get to open one present. It’s usually something small and my mom is in charge of deciding what we get to open.

3. Pajamas

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

No matter what, a pair of pajamas is always under the tree for each of us on Christmas morning. Sometimes we need them, sometimes we don’t but all the kids know we will be getting some new sleeping gear.

4. Ornament

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Up until I got married, each year I would pick out a new ornament that was my ornament. We would put the year on the back so I could keep track of all the ones I had collected. Sometimes it reflected what I was into that year (like penguins), or where I was in my life (like my NC State ornament). But, I always put one special ornament on the tree. When I met my husband we evolved this tradition to be a picture ornament for each year. We put a picture of something from that year of the two of us, like a trip or big event (buying our house, getting married). One day, when we will have kids the ornaments will become a great way to see  how our family has grown older and bigger. One year I hope to have a mini Christmas tree that is just devoted to these family pictures and call it our family tree (it would look a little bare now).

Thanks Kristy for letting me get a little sentimental and sharing my favorite holiday traditions with all you. I’d love to know some of you favorite holiday pastimes so stop by Keller-Creative and let me know what you and your family do! =

What neat traditions, Kim.  Thanks for sharing! Check out her blog.

What are your Christmas traditions?


Christmas Décor – Lisa from A Vintage Vine

Today, Lisa from A Vintage Vine is back! 


Good Morning readers of Hyphen Interiors, I am Lisa from, A Vintage Vine. I am so excited to be back guest posting for Kristy….How are your  Holiday plans coming along? Are you feeling the crunch…I am! My tree is up and all the decorating is done, now it is time to change my focus to the shopping, wrapping and cooking! YIKES, there is still a lot left to do!

This morning I thought I would share one of my antique store finds that became a simple Christmas decorating  idea……..How do you guys feel about these? Yes, they are antlers…Are you a fan or not? Personally, I have come to really like the look of antlers in decor…..I found these on a back shelf at an antique store here in town for only $6, so I thought I would scoop them up.

As you know, "Antlers" are everywhere……Here is one of my favorite images of antlers being used in decor……….via pinterest…. WHOA, those are big….From the hockey stick to the black chest, I love this look!

Pinned Image

While my new find is not that big……I am still enjoying the look it gives to this Christmas center piece on my table….Antlers, nuts, pine cones and shells….a great collection of Mother Nature at her finest!!

So what are your thoughts? Are you an "antlers" kind of person or not?

Have a wonderful Christmas and all my best to Kristy on her move and settling in to her new home…..Thanks again Kristy, for having me over to guest post!

Lisa, I am!  I love antlers.  What about the rest of you? 


Christmas Décor – Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling

Today, Elizabeth is going to share with us how she decorates her tree for Christmas!


Hi, Hyphen Interior’s readers! I’m Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling. Kristy asked me to stop by today and share a few tips on holiday decor with you. The holiday decor has just started around our house. Every year it begins with the Christmas tree and this year is no exception.

Decorating the Christmas tree has always been my first step to jumping into the holiday season. The whole process has always made me giddy… walking through the aisles of trees, soaking up the smell, trying to find “the perfect one,” then watching it come alive as the lights are wrapped around, and the final decorations are hung.

Many years ago, my parent’s were at a Christmas party, where my mom was immediately drawn to the Christmas tree. She was drawn to it because it glowed brighter than any tree she had ever seen. She asked the host of the party what his secret was, and he said a lot of lights (he had about 1,000), but the real key to lighting a Christmas tree is to wrap the branches (which I will explain how later).

We went to the nursery to pick-up our tree Wednesday evening. This year we chose a White Fir from the mountains of northern New Mexico.

Once we brought it home, and got it in the stand, it was time to put the lights on…

Step 1: Start at the base.

Spiral the lights around the branch, working from the center of the tree to the tip of limb.

At the end of the limb, wrap the lights a couple of time, and lead them back to the base of the trunk.

Hold the wires in place with the limbs of the branch,to keep them from showing.

2. Move in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction from base to top.

Wrapping each branch from the trunk to the end, each time starting again at the trunk.

3. Repeat until you have wrapped the tree from bottom to top.

It is always a good idea to have lots of helpers…

* It’s important to keep the wires as close to the center branch as possible, to keep them hidden.

The end result, your tree will have more lights and will appear to have more depth, glowing from the inside out. It will be twinkling like you have never seen before.

We always choose a tree with a lot of open spaces to really show off the ornaments. My parent’s have been collecting ornaments for me since my first Christmas, and my husband and I have carried on the tradition. Each year we purchase a new ornament for the tree. Most of the ornaments we hang now have sentimental value and a story to remember each year as it is placed on the tree. Trees with wide open spaces do a beautiful job of showcasing those special ornaments.

I hope this tutorial helps to make your tree extra twinkly this year. I recently read an article from Real Simple that recommended dividing your tree into three sections, lighting each section from bottom to top to keep the wires from tangling….maybe I will add that to the routine next year.

Thanks for having me today Kristy! Now that the tree is up, it’s time to start decorating the rest of the house for Christmas.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Elizabeth!  It’s always fun to see how other people do things.


Christmas Décor – Allison from Spicer and Bank

Today, Allison from Spicer and Bank will be sharing with us how she decorates for Christmas in a warm environment.  Allison is an interior designer with a masters in the history of decorative arts.  After working at high end design firms in NYC, she now lives in Singapore.  It’s all yours, Allison!


Hi there! Allison here from Spicer + Bank and I am so happy to be here today on Kristy’s beautiful blog. I live in Singapore and since it will be my first year spending the holidays here and I am so excited to share my ideas for holiday entertaining and decorating in the tropics! Lots of us live in warmer weather climates and I think beautiful design often draws inspiration from natural surroundings. The winter holiday season can be lovely and festive even if there are palm trees instead of pines outside your window!

Here are my 3 favorite ideas for holiday designs which are fresh, festive and just a bit tropical!

{1} Bringing in a pop of lime green! Greens, white and a bit of silver is so festive but also perfect for the warm temps outside.

{2} Pile on the candles – they bring such warmth and a wonderful ambiance and are great indoors or out. I especially love the effect of masses of smaller candles!

{3} Go local with your centerpiece! Try using foliage native to your home, I adore all the oversized tropical leaves we can get here in Singapore and a lush bunch of them would be the perfect substitute for holly or traditional flowers.

Lastly here is my dream list for fresh holiday accessories!

{1} Votives

{2} Wine glass

{3} Silver tablecloth

{4} Feather wreath

{5} Placemat + napkin

{6} Green vases

{7} Glass canisters

{8} Champagne holder

Wishing you a wonderful season in cold weather or warm!

Thanks for so much having me!

{images via 1 / 2 / 3}


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Christmas Décor – Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful

I hope you had a great holiday!   Did you get shopping done?   Have you started to decorate for Christmas?

Today, Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful is joining us to share about Christmas décor.  If you haven’t met Aubrey, you’re missing out.  Take it away, Aubrey!


What is *up*, party people?!? It’s Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful!

You might be wondering why I am greeting you all like a 90’s rap song…it’s because I’m about to talk about holiday decorating, which gets me in the mood to P-A-R-T-why?!?  Because it’s the HOLIDAYS!!!

Don’t lie, you are as stoked about this as I am (c:

So I’ve been gathering up fun ideas for decorating things up like a champ…

I would love for it all to turn out like this:

…But let’s be honest with one another (I mean, we’ve know each other for like, 5 seconds, so I feel like I owe you that), my house will probably *NEVER EVER* look like this!

But I found some ideas that have me so excited like Santa on a cookie high:

A new twist on an old favorite…love the look of the book pages, quirky and vintage…

You could make the felt balls any color you wanted, but how adorable is it in multi-colored???

Absolutely adorable and festive…such a darling “upcycling” project!

Easy and even better…easy to take care of!

You could cover these babies in whatever your creative little mind can come up with, and they will be crazy adorable…

I love these wreaths…just a few (or a hundred) shatter-proof ornaments, a wire coat hanger, and some ribbon and bada bing, bada boom, AWESOME WREATH!

I’m so proud of myself for getting a head start on thinking up holiday ideas…I’ll be even *more* proud if I actually do the projects!!! hehehe!

Thanks so much, Kristy, for letting me play here today, it’s been fun!

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Aubrey!


Christmas in Germany – Barbara from Haus Design

Hope you enjoy hearing a bit about Germany’s Christmas traditions today.  My sister lived there with her family for four years a while ago and I have a friend, Toby, who is from Germany.  Not to mention, most of my ethnic heritage is German.  So, I’m excited to hear what Barbara has to say!  She has traveled the world, having been to over 40 countries.  Take it away, Barbara!


Hi Everyone! I’m Barbara from HausDesign and I’m so happy to be here today, covering while Kristy is knee deep in her move.  Kristy is a relatively new blogging friend but from the moment I discovered her blog I admired her style and the way she writes…so I was hooked right away!

I offered to write a little about what Christmas is like in Germany since some of you may not be familiar with it.  Christmas is huge in Germany, but not in a commercial way; rather it is steeped in traditional & simple celebrations along with nature-based decor that I really love and admire…

Pinned Image

The lead up to Christmas involves lighting four candles in a sequence of four weeks for “Advents Saison”.  These are beautiful wreaths sitting on top of a table in people’s homes usually decorated with cloves and other seasonal items.  The red and white mushroom is a symbol of good luck:

Pinned Image

Children count down the days until the “Christkind” comes to bring them gifts on Christmas Eve with an Advents Calendar:

Pinned Image

St. Nikolaus (sound familiar?) comes on December 6.  The night before, children leave a shoe (no not wooden ones :)) outside in the snow.  When they wake up in the morning he has left behind a small gift, some oranges, chocolate coins and nuts.

Pinned Image

Cookies aren’t usually part of the culture here, except at Christmas, when a large variety (and quantity!) of cookies are baked by the family and given as gifts to friends:

Pinned Image

Christmas in Germany wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Christmas Markets.  Usually by December it is snowing so visitors drink gluhwein, a spiced mulled cider, to keep warm!  Munich has many beautiful markets – this one is in the main city square:

Pinned Image

I thought it would be fun to include a few pictures of interiors that represent the beauty of Germany’s take on a natural Christmas:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to Germany!  Please stop by and say hello if you have a minute.  :)

Thanks for having me Kristy and best of luck in Texas!


Thank you so much for sharing with us!