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Craft Room at New House

I’ve been working on creating my craft room in one of the bedrooms of the new house.

Craft Room-073

Let’s see the old craft room that we had our home in AZ, as it used many of the same elements.  However, it has definitely changed some!



Then, here is the office/ craft room in the rental in Austin, between homes.  As the room configuration and size changes, so does the decor.


And, Here it is in the new home, with many of the same elements, minus the large black desk, industrial stools, colorful chandelier, etc.

We added an IKEA expedit shelf behind the table for extra storage (in addition to the closet in the room) and a couple of different chairs.

I kept the peg board, but separated it.  It’s a great place to hang scissors and other tools to get them out of the way.  Then, to the right is the magnet board.  I had two of those.  Sold one.  Kept this one.  It’s great for putting drawings and such up on.   We also kept the table and rug in the room.

I’m still working on it.  These images are not perfectly styled.  Cords are showing and such.  But, I wanted to give you an idea of how it’s coming along.

New Stuff-045

I found these colorful Reader’s Digest books at Savers a couple of weeks ago.  Love them.  I layered the shelf with by putting a frame on the outside with a Command hook.

Craft Room-095

I love this table.  It’s sturdy.  Already distressed so I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or messed up.  And, it has two leaves.  that means it collapses down to a pretty small size.  I like pieces with flexibility.

New Stuff-102

This is the only remaining yellow faux bamboo chair of the bunch.  The other five are now blue, which I love.  I may leave this one yellow for a while.  What do you think?

Craft Room-120

We’re getting there!  It is usable, but not quite polished off.  It’s coming along!  Almost done!  Which craft room space do you like best?

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Studio/ Craft Room Reveal!


And in case it’s hard to remember what it looked like when I started, here it is before.

IMG_4455 (640x428)

More after photos are below.  The transformation included a few diy projects.  For instance, I made drop cloth curtains, divided a pillow in half, made art (on top of the book shelf), printable art, made coasters, made flowers for magnets, made magnet boards, painted a letter “K” to look metal, painted a peg board and painted upholstery on a second chair.




I painted the art on the bookshelf to mimic the chevron pattern in the rug.


Below are flowers that act as magnets for the two metal magnet boards that flank the subway art.  I made the two rolled ones and the two fluffy ones.


And, paint chips hung on the peg board serve as a backdrop for vintage keys. These were gifted to me from Emily at Ashbury Lane.  She is having a 25% off sale right now.  Be sure to visit her Etsy shop.

IMG_5850 (640x410)

Printable art that I made meets you at the entrance and sets the tone of the room.

IMG_5864 (640x434)


Hope you enjoyed the reveal!  I’ve enjoyed working in the room already.


Update 8/27/11:  For a tour of other rooms, see the Home Tour page.

Drop Cloth Curtains – Tutorial

I needed some simple curtains for the craft room that I would not freak out about if they got messed up.  So, I decided to try sewing some drop cloth curtains.  I simply bought two 6×9 drop cloths for each of my three windows. So far, I’ve completed two of the six panels.

So, here is a sneak peak of the craft room so you can see the curtains from a distance.  I am making all curtain rods the same length and hanging them at the same height so that three windows of different shapes and sizes appear the same in the room.  What that will do is make the desk and hutch feel centered.  Tricking the eye, my friend!


Materials Needed:
2 6×9 ft drop cloths per window
10 plastic snap together grommets for each panel (2 panels per window)
Thread to match the drop cloth
Sewing Machine

Cost per panel:
$7.99 per drop cloth
$12.99 for a set of 8 grommets + 60% off coupon = $5.20, so 10 grommets are $6.50
Already had the other supplies
Total – $14.50 per panel with coupon or $24.22 per panel without coupon

They do take several hours each to make (or have for me) mainly because of the ironing and getting the grommets to stick.

1.  Fold top of drop clot over.  Fold line should be at the five inch mark.  Pin in place.


2.  Sew around all four sides of the folded area.  Keep it tight as you feed the drop cloth through the machine, so there are no wrinkles or bunching.  Feel free to iron prior to this step.


3.  Iron the entire drop cloth.

IMG_5424 IMG_5425

4.  Now it’s time to add the grommets.


Grommets will be place on the folded down section that you sewed in place.

Start the first one about 1.5 inches from the edge.  Then, measure five inches between the outer edge of one grommet and the outer edge of the next grommet.

IMG_5431 IMG_5432
I also placed them 1 inche from the top edge.

Use a pencil to trace the inside of the grommet, which you will later cut out.  Trace all ten to see that they are spaced equally and start and finish in a good spot.  Adjust as necessary.  Trace on the side of the drop cloth that will be the inside of the curtain.

5.  Once the grommets are pencilled in at the right positions, begin to cut the circles that you traced.  You will cut ten circles out of the top folded down portion of your curtain.


6.  Place the grommets as instructed on the packaging.  You will basically just put the male side on one side of the hold and the female side on the other, then sit it on a flat surface and press down with your body weight.

IMG_5440 IMG_5443

Do this with all ten grommets on each panel.

7. Hem the bottom to fit the length you need.

8.  Now, do the same with the other panels, but use the first one as the template so they all match perfectly.  Believe it or not, I didn’t do this on the next two… I just measured and they were ever so slightly off.  So, then I matched up each of those three for perfectly matching pairs.

You’re done!  You have made a drop cloth curtain panel!

IMG_5459 (615x640) IMG_5460 (640x432)

IMG_5401 IMG_54792

Can’t wait to finish off the room!  Lots to do still – painting the bookshelf, putting magnet boards up, painting peg boards, getting a wingback chair and painting it, hanging a chandelier, and so on!

Note the new stool and table!

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Update 6/24/11:  Posted the reveal of the room.


Ordered Items for the Craft Room

I ordered these Tolix look-alike stools for extra seating.  Who can beat 2 for $89 when they go for $250 each at most places.  Yay Overstock!

I also ordered the Urban Outfitters chandelier!  I love how quirky it is.


I’m also on the look out for another wingback chair to paint!  I know… another one?!   It does take time, but you can get it that perfect color which is so cool.


Update 6/24/11:  Posted reveal of the room.

Craft Room Story Board–First Iteration

So, here is my initial vision for the craft room.  However, it will be tweaked as I find the right elements along the way.


So… an LED neon sign that says “Create” – but have to figure out how to make it.  Whimsical chandelier over a wingback chair, table painted white with new legs, peg board painted blue, industrial stools, drop cloth curtains, pink and yellow quatrefoil pillow in the chair, white shelf backed in hot pink…  I’m starting to order things and think through how to make things.  Hoping it all comes together in time!

To remind you what it looks like now, after I moved the furniture:


Thanks Shelly at Crazy Wonderful for passing the Versatile Blogger Award to me! I won’t bore you with 7 crazy facts, as I already posted 7 here… unless you just REALLY need to know more!

Update 6/24/11:  Just posted the reveal of the room.  Held off on the neon sign, but used most of the elements from this story board.

Rug has Arrived – Craft Room

The rug has arrived!   And, we will arrange things according to our floor plan that was mentioned previously.

image image

Here is how it’s shaping up with the rug in the room now.  Lots more to do, though! But, can we say yay chevron!

IMG_4686 (640x480)

Please excuse all of my junk everywhere!  This is not a perfectly posed photo. Ha!

Now to finish designing this puppy.  That means finishing up the storyboard and mapping out the rest of the to-do list which will include painting the table as well as turning an oversized lumbar pillow in a large quatrefoil print into two pillows.


Update 6/24/11: Posted reveal of the room.

Rug for Craft Room

I am still calling it a craft room by default.  But, still open for other suggestions.  So, I ordered an 8×10 area rug from RugsUSA for the room!  Fairly inexpensive for a rug of that size.


Still need to make time to finish the story board for the room!

Note that RugsUSA does have a special deal right now.  If you like them on FB, you get a 35% off coupon!


P.S.  I’m way behind on blog reading this week, so don’t think I’ve abandoned you if I haven’t been to your blog lately!  Just a busy week.

On to the Next Room…

So what room is next?!  Well, we have four bedrooms and an office.  Of course, one bedroom is our master, one is a workout room, one is a guest room and the last… is what I had been calling a “craft room” but think I may start calling it a “work room.”  Though work room sounds daunting.  Maybe… “play room.”  No, how about “design room?”   I’m taking suggestions!

Anyway, it’s a 17’10” x 12’4” bedroom over the garage.  A good sized space.  Below is an image from the builder’s website.


So… the room was painted a very pale pink, as the previous owners were using it for their daughter’s room.


Aww.  I know.

We used it as a guest room for about a year and recently moved the guest room downstairs so guests could have their own thermostat and not have to walk the stairs.

And, now… this room has our old desk in it and a large table we got on Craigslist for $25.   Just thrown in…

IMG_4455 (640x428)

Same angle as the previous photo.  You can see my sewing machine on the table, as I’m attempting to learn to sew slowly.   And, the ironing board on the right.

First, a floor plan… then I’ll move the furniture accordingly.


I’m going arrange it something like this so the table is in the middle of the room.  The skinny angled table represents the ironing board.

Definitely want a peg board next to the shelf.   If you know of any cool peg board type tutorials, let me know!  And, I will paint the table white…  The desk will remain black.  It was pricey and I can’t bare to paint it yet…  I will add an area rug.  That’s what I know for sure…

Here it is in 3d.  Remember, things are approximated just so we can get an idea of the space planning.  I want to leave some open space near the door to spread out and work on the floor.


The closet holds all of my extra décor stuff that I’m not using or selling at the moment.   I may need to eventually add more shelving in the closet.

Now I need to get to work on a story board for the room!   I’m thinking bright cheerful colors.  Chevron rug…   Will be done on a major budget, using what I have!

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Update 4/26/11:  Ordered rug and it arrived.
Update 6/24/11:  Revealed room.