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DecoYellow – Pillows You Must Check Out!

I want to share with you one of my favorite Etsy sources for pillows.  If you are not familiar with Etsy, it is a commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies.   In other words, many shops come together and sell under the Etsy hub.  It’s worth checking out if you haven’t ever.

Many times it seems like all of these shops have the same pillows, but not so with DecoYellow.


I “met” Amy at DecoYellow when I ordered three pillows for my master bedroom.  I have since ordered more from her.  You may remember this navy chevron pillow that I purchased from her.


It’s handmade and well crafted.  Amy is a young mom who also owns an etsy shop where she designs and makes pillows.

She also made me this pillow.  It wasn’t at her shop.  I saw it at another and asked her if she could make it, but with a custom font.  And, of course she could!  So, never hesitate to ask for custom pillows.

IMG_0789 (640x430)

Amy says the shop balances her practical and artistic sides well.  She sews her contemporary designs on her 1960’s vintage sewing machine.  She loves crisp lines and bold colors.  So do I!   It’s why I am so drawn to her designs.  Every one of them.  And, I love the soul and story behind her sewing.  She sews to be like her mom, who she lost when she was 18 years old.  And, she donates a dollar of every order to cancer research for her mother.

And, I’m not sure if this is weird, but I’m always drawn to those who live or have lived a place that I’ve lived.  Amy lives in Lehi, Utah.  I lived in Salt Lake City for 3-4 years.  So, I feel a strange connection, just because I’ve seen and enjoyed some of the same sites she sees and enjoys.  Okay, now that I’ve confessed that quirk, does that make me a weirdo?   There is a reality show, called Downsized, that plays on the WE channel that I love watching because it’s shot just up the street, 30 minutes away or less.  I’ve been to all of the places they go to on the show.  That totally slipped out of my mouth.  Another confession.  Total creeper?  Love me anyway, please.

Back on topic…  I want to share with you some of her fabulous pillow designs.  She didn’t ask me to, she’s not paying me to and she doesn’t even know I’m planning to do it.  But, seriously, you guys need to know about her and her pillows!

image  image

image  image

image  image

image  image

Oh, and did I mention, she’s fantastic to work with?  After I ordered my navy chevron pillows, I noticed Kirsten Krason has one just like it behind her in her latest profile pic.  Copy cat.  Just playing.  I am glad she noticed these as well, though!

Be sure to visit Amy’s Etsy shop, DecoYellow to check out her designs.  It’s all reasonably priced, too!

And, be sure to enter the stencil giveaway from Cutting Edge Stencils!


Got My Pillows for the Master!

Two good things.  My pillows arrived!  And, I hit over 100 followers!

I also just had my one month blogging anniversary.  Really fun so far!  However, I still feel kind of lost at times and am very much so still learning!

So, the pillows are great.  They look just like the photos on etsy. 

Amy at decoYellow on etsy.com did a great job!  Here is the photo of the blue and white chevron pillow from her shop.

FREE SHIPPING - Nautical Navy and White - Chevron Stripe Pillow Cover - Any Size - Any Color

I got two of these. 

Then, I wanted a felt lumbar pillow with a monogram on it.  I found one on etsy for $65.  We all know felt is not costly, so why would I pay that much for a monogrammed felt pillow that I could pretty much just make myself if I wanted to take the time? 

So, I asked Amy if she could make it.  Even though it wasn’t something she listed at her etsy shop, she said YES!  And, for less than half the price of the first one I found.  She was so great to work with!

Here it is:

IMG_4855 (640x421)

Looks great and I got to choose the font! 

So, the next pillow on my storyboard was…


The pillow made from Robert Allen’s vintage blossom fabric in jade.

Ordered it from Pillow Mio on etsy.

IMG_4858 (566x640)

And, now, here they are all together on my floor.

IMG_4848 (640x281)

The back pillows are 18×18 while the front lumbar pillow is 12×18.

The master bedroom is coming together.  It won’t be precisely like the story board, but it’s just for inspiration anyway.  Stay tuned – there should be a master bedroom reveal coming in a couple of weeks!