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Family Room Progress!

We’ve made significant progress on the family room since I last posted about it.

We’ve been busy:
- Added curtains (sewn from shower curtains)
- Added an area rug (or two).  We wanted the organic feel of the cow hide rug, but the size of the 9×12 rug.
- Added pillows (and subtracted the navy chevron pillows as they competed with the curtains too much).  The greige Poetical pillows help to tie the gray and tan tones in the room.
- Added accessories such as lamps.  This helps to vary the heights in the space.
- Added new end table.  We already had the Restoration Hardware one and added the round end table.
- Added a chair, but…  it’s really for the dining table.  It’s just a place holder for now.

Family Room-197

It may be good to note that basically, we started over in this house.  We kept so few pieces from our last house that it’s easier to name what we kept than what we sold.  The Bassett sectional was one items we kept.  Nothing else in this space is from the last house.  So, it’s been a lot of work selling things from the other house as well.  But, that process has funded the “new” stuff.

Below is the last photo that I showed of this room, when we were three weeks into it.  It looked like this.

Ceiling-122  Ceiling-002

We have now lived in our home for 3 months, this week.

Family Room-149

I thought I’d throw this one in so you can see how that blue ceiling works with everything!

Family Room-218

Family Room-085

Showing a tiny bit of the fireplace wall.

Family Room-235

And, next to the fireplace is the tv console and tv.


Family Room-129

We still have four things left to do before it’s complete for now.

1.  Paint the coffee table.  Thinking gold.  Or…. hot pink?  Freen?  Probably gold…  Right now, it kind of blends with the cowhide.  But, I still love the fretwork on it!

2.  There is currently a blank 4 ft x 4 ft canvas over the fireplace.  I need to turn it into an abstract painting.

3.  Find a better chair to replace this one.  Then, put this chair back in the dining room.

4.  Add two garden stools flanking the fireplace.

You can check out our Tour page for more photos.  But, here are a few rooms together in our home.

image image

For extra fun, you can go to the Tour page and compare this family room to the last one.  Totally different.  Did I say totally?

How do you think the family room coming along?!  I’ll show you more progress in the breakfast room soon!


Striped Curtains (from Shower Curtains) In Family Room

Curtains are up in the family room!  They are my version of the striped curtains that I originally wanted and I love them.


I had posted here about how I wanted to have navy and white striped curtains in our new family room, but how they’d cost a bundle due to all the sewing it would take.  We were talking $150-250 per panel, if they were lined.  So, I needed to find another route.

One alternative route, as seen in the post I linked to above, could have been a pattern.  That would have been alright, but I felt stuck on wanting stripes.  So, instead of having stripes sewn from two colors of fabric, I purchased four shower curtains from West Elm and sewed two together for each panel in order to get the length I needed.


That’s right shower curtains. They are gray and white striped.  I sewed two together to make each panel.

I orginally saw this done by Amanda Carol in her office.


Here is how they turned out in my home.


The room is not complete, but this is where we’re at!  I’m still working on some finishing touches such as throw pillows, an area rug, etc.


Though the curtains are hung, they are not yet hemmed.  To be honest, that may be a while.  But, it’s easy to do with a machine or stitch witchery (iron on hemming tape).



And, the breakfast room which is adjacent to the family room is also coming along and here are the white curtains from IKEA that we chose to use in it.


Still working on things, but it’s all starting to come together.  To see more of how it’s all working together, visit the tour page.

So, overall, I think they turned out great!  All for just $80 a panel (two shower curtains per panel sewn together), or total of $160.  I saved $150-340.  Whew!


Tomorrow, I will do a tutorial on making the striped curtains.  I love them!   What do you think?


Our New House – Family Room

We have lived in our home for three weeks now.  We’ve managed to unpack most boxes, sell most of our old furniture and buy some new items.  Honestly, I think I’m not only impatient in general, but in a hurry for this house to feel like home.

Yesterday, I shared photos of the kitchen.  Check them out if you missed them.

Here is the basic overall design vision for the main rooms that I posted a couple of days before we moved in.  Several things have changed, but overall, we’re still on this general track.


We have not at all completed the main rooms, so please take that into consideration as you view these images.  However, I didn’t want to keep you in the dark.  I wanted to share with you where we are and where we are going.

First, we put down a neutral palette.  I believe in doing this so that you can easily make changes to color later on.  We kept the builders neutral wall color (for now), added an almond colored sectional that we already owned.  Then, an ivory and camel shag rug.  And, for the tv stand, we used a redone dresser painted in Old World White, from a local antique shop.    It’s my favorite piece in the house right now.


In addition to that, we added a metal end table from Restoration Hardware along with a white end table. All still neutral. The throw is charcoal gray and the lamps are shades of gray, ivory and taupe.


I already had the decorative balls/ container for the coffee table.  Other accessories such as the antlers are also neutral.

As you establish the neutral base, be sure to vary the textures.  This makes it interesting to the eye.

After this base was established, I began to layer in color.  This is layered in via the ceiling, throw pillows, antique books, etc so far.  This allows for optimal flexibility later on.  Keep in mind that this room is NOT finished.


We still need to add curtains, a sunburst over the mantle and garden stools flanking the fireplace.  I also may still paint the coffee table and more pillows are on their way!


What are we going for?  A mix of glamour/ sophistication, rustic, and industrial.  A bit of a Restoration Hardware feel.

You can really see the neutral base here.


There is that awesome custom sofa table.  I do realize the lamp cord is showing on the right.  Since these are just progress photos, I didn’t worry about it.  I also still have fabric samples on the sofa table.  And, the truth is, I’ll probably rework the accessories before it’s all over.

To see what our previous family room looked like, go to the tour page on the blog.

And here are some quick drawings of where we are thinking we’ll go with it once we add curtains and art over the fireplace.   Color of the curtains?    Navy and ivory… but the shade of navy is still to be determined.  I’m on a fabric hunt.  It should be somewhere between the ceiling and pillow color.  However, if you know of any awesome navy fabric in that range in a linen blend for $15 a yd or under, let me know!

Ceiling-041curtains Ceiling-234withsunburst

Since taking these photos, I got the sunburst mirror and it’s now above the mantle and I love it!  So, I’ll take a photo of it soon.

I didn’t put it in the drawing, but we still have pillows to add (some are ordered) and garden stools.


However, do you know how much seamstresses charge for pinch pleated, lined, striped curtains?!  A lot.  So, this idea may be out.

So, instead, we could do this version of blue and white curtains, with solid ones in the breakfast room as originally planned.  It’s a little busy, but we’d make sure to keep the rest of the room less busy.

Ceiling-041curtains2  Ceiling-122curtains2

Or, if that seems too busy, we could go with solid gray/ greige/ taupe.


Still kicking the curtain thing around.  What do you like?

And, here is the kitchen again, so you can get a feel for the two rooms flowing together.  I still need to add wheat grass on the bar and curtains in the breakfast room.


I hope to show you where we are with the breakfast room soon.  It has the most changes from the original design.  For example, we’re using the faux bamboo chairs in the formal dining and chose acrylic chairs for the breakfast room.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our progress so far!   You should notice that this is VERY (completely) different than the family room at our last home.


Update – Post with much more progress in this room goes up on Tuesday, 6/26/12!

Curtains Hung in Family Room

We finally hung curtains throughout the rental.  All curtains we already had.  Thank goodness there were enough for the windows in the rental, as we had not yet covered all windows in Phoenix AND we sold about 8 panels in the garage sale prior to the move.

But, what a difference curtains made to the family room in particular!


It was pretty cold and uninviting.  We spent time in the loft mostly due to that fact – with all the hard surfaces the room really needed some additional fabric to soften it up, as well as to break up the tan!

untitled shoot-049

You can see a box still on the floor and paper over the backyard doors prior to the curtains being hung.

untitled shoot-067

But, here she is with curtains!




With the chairs the other way.



And, so you can see that there are other curtains in the other direction.


Can you see the difference curtains make?


It’s all similar to our last home, as we used most of the same items.  New items include a bench from the master bedroom, a white end table from the master bedroom, and a few pillows taken from the master bedroom.  That’s the advantage of using similar colors throughout a home!

Not too bad for using what we had in the room.

Our family room in Phoenix.


If you have a room that feels cold, hard, uninviting, try adding curtains!  It’s one of the last things many people add.  I know a few who are particularly resistant to it (some for health reasons… I’m not referring to them), but they add so much warmth and color to a room!

I cannot emphasize the impact of curtains enough.  If you can’t afford them, consider making them.  Or, consider buying from a place like IKEA.

Do you have curtains?  Where did you get yours?


Family Room in the Rental

I thought I’d show you a photo of our Austin rental today.

We moved into our rental just a few days before Christmas.  The rental (until we find the right home to buy) is smaller than our last home, as it’s just temporary.  It’s brand new and we are the first to live in it!  Our landlords are awesome!

We’ve unpacked the majority of our stuff (well the stuff that will get unpacked), but have yet to hang curtains.  Here is how it’s looking.  Please pardon the naked windows.

untitled shoot-049

Each time you move to a different home, you will notice that your furniture, art and curtains just don’t quite fit the same way, huh?  I mean, the walls, room shape, dimensions and entire space is different.  We refuse to buy anything new for the (temporary) rental, so we are using what we have and making it work!!

We did the family room almost identical to our family room in Phoenix.  See the Phx family room below.


There is a different coffee table. We are using the bench from the master, as we sold the old ottoman.  And, we changed some of the pillows.  Can you spot which one?

We are also using a white end table instead of the black one.  Overall, though, things fit decently in this room.

untitled shoot-057

And, above, you notice the art from the craft room that we are using.    Below, you get a bit of a glimpse into the kitchen.

untitled shoot-064

The boxes?  Well, there is an entire bedroom and a garage filled with unopened boxes!

We’re getting there.  Gotta get those curtains hung!  It will have a big impact.

I’ll share another room or two as time goes on.  It’s not anything spectacular, but it’s a good temporary place to live in a killer location.


Update on Client Design – Entry

I showed you the family room that we worked on recently.  Now to pan out and show you the rest of the space that we are putting together.  We are now working on the entry.

All furniture is just represented here.  Real pieces would be on a story board.  Not all accessories are included in this drawing.


And, just the entry.  Though we are debating topiaries or lamps.




Below are the story boards where we show the actual items to be purchased.

On the left is the story board for the entry area (the dresser is from Craigslist and is sold now, so we are looking for one in PA if you have suggestions).

On the right is the story board for the family room.  The painted chest of drawers (it won’t be a dresser), green lamps, and subway art will all be DIY projects.  The dresser and chest of drawers will be Craigslist purchases.

We added a touch of blue to the family room as well.

image  image

With the lamps:


From this came her shopping lists.

Here are actual photos of how the space was before.   A view of the kitchen/dining from the family room.


From the opposite direction of the drawing.



Living room before.


Our plan.


And, with a few more accessories.


Progress.  The chair and lamp are just place holders.


And, in the future, she has options to freshen up the space – painting the red, adding curtains, changing the furniture arrangement, adding a chandelier…  image

To read more about the process, rugs we looked at using, and what the client wanted to keep and change, go here.  It’s definitely starting to come to life!


If you are looking for design help (consult, floor plan, drawings, story boards), email me at kristy@hypheninteriors.com.

Update on Client Family Room

I posted earlier this week about how an area rug can change the look of a room.   In that post, I showed some of the various rough design concepts that I created for a client so she could see various area rugs.

It was also a look into the beginning process of designing a room.  We had simply talked about her preferences and began work on a basic layout.  Post consultation, but pre shopping or pinning anything down.

Here is where we left off.


Where did we land on the design for her family room?

image image

And, with a few accessories and that 45 degree beam pasted in.


After much discussion, the client decided:
- She really wanted the furniture arranged much like she had it so as to optimize the view out the window.   The view out the window was more important that blocking the entry path for her.
- No curtains on the windows.
- She wanted to keep the red/ rust accent wall color and neutral wall color, but was open to changing out the rug.
- She wanted to add some lighter colors to brighten up the room.
- No chandelier.
- No animal head.

We were also using her existing sofas, end table, and floor lamp.

I call my design business Hyphen Interiors because it’s always about my design AND what the client needs and wants.  It’s so much about what works for them, not just what I think is best.  It’s a joint effort.  And, rarely is it exactly what I have in mind.  It’s always a compromise which is a good thing, I think!

Note:  The squares over the fireplace represent a gallery wall.   And, the industrial stool will act as a table or stool, depending on the need at the time.  The background color is the main wall color.  The rust color is the accent wall color.

Here is the story board that goes with the design.  The 3d drawing above is just to show how it’d fit into the room.  However, many items are approximated.  The story board shows the actual items.


With the story board, I gave her a shopping list for all of these items.  Unfortunately, Target no longer has the sunburst, so I gave her other options for that.

What does the floor plan look like?


And, to remind you, here is her current space.


It’s now time for her to purchase the items, probably put a bit of her own small spin on some aspect of the design (so far, that’s likely on one of the lamps) as that is fairly typical with most clients, and execute it.   I love to see the before and after photos.  And, one reason I am enjoying posting about this particular client is that she is fast and action oriented.  So, you won’t have to wait forever to see the after!

Can’t wait to see it come to life!  Thanks for peeking in at the process.  Hope you enjoyed the update.


Update 10/20:  We have tweaked the design and will be posting an update on Monday, 10/24.    The update will also feature the design for the entry which is adjacent to this room.

Meet My Family Room

My family room has been done for about a year.  I’m always tweaking it and I change the furniture layout for Christmas, but here is how it is currently.  Since it is a room I have not yet blogged about, I thought I’d introduce you!  I’ve been a little nervous about posting it as it’s sort of a love it or hate it room.  A bit controversial or so it seems.  Hope you like it!

These photos are taken with my new camera!  I hope you can see an improvement in image quality. I’ve been adding new images to the tour page.  I still have my master bedroom to go.






We took a chance with the bold zebra rug, but it does add a certain whimsical touch and additional pattern.  The hubs doesn’t like it, but we can easily change it out in a year or two when we tire of this design.  Good thing is, it was just from Wal-Mart, so not too pricey.

The sofa is custom from Bassett Furniture.
The chairs are outdoor chairs from Lowe’s.
The old chest in the corner is a Craigslist find.
The mirror hanging on the wall is from IKEA.
The painting is from Pier 1, but I altered it by painting over the original colors.

What did it look like just before we moved in?


And now.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!   These images are now added to my Home Tour page.

This is your last chance to enter the stencil giveaway, so if you haven’t entered, please take a few minutes to do it now.  Drawing is tonight at 6pm PST.

Next week will be a RamSign giveaway for house numbers!