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Simply Spray Series – Painting Upholstery – Week 1

I met with Emily, Simply Spray’s rep, a couple of weeks ago.  She had contacted me to see if I wanted to try their paints since a large section of my blog is devoted to painting upholstery.  I jumped on the opportunity because Simply Spray’s upholstery paint was something I considered when deciding what method I wanted to use to paint my chair.


I learned a great deal from our meeting and she generously offered samples while I offered to do some projects so I could let you guys know a little more about their paints!

We’ll be touching on things in this order.

✓Week 1 – This week – Introduction
Week 2 – Painting a pillow from the original chair and comparing it to the original
Week 3 – Painting pool umbrellas
Week 4 – Painting a patio furniture set
Week 5 – Conclusions

During these weeks, we’ll talk about the difference between Simply Spray and my method.  And, then I’ll sum it all up in the end.

How is my painted chair holding up after 15 months and two moves?


Great!  The fabric is a little softer on the seat than it was at first, from use.  But, nothing else has changed.  No fading, no staining clothing, nothing.  I sat in it almost daily at the rental (so for a few months) though now it’s back to very occasional use and sits in the master bedroom.

My second painted chair that lived in my craft room for a while held up equally as well.  I’m so glad the hours of work that were put into it were worth it!

It was recently purchased by a local photographer, Amber Lee Photography.  She sent some photos with it, which I adore!

jpg (1 of 1)-4

jpg (1 of 1)-5

You can find Amber on Facebook as well.

jpg (1 of 1)-4

So you aren’t left hanging, I thought I’d at least share at least a couple of basics that I learned about Simply Spray.

- It’s more of a stain/ dye than a paint.  So, it will not turn things a lighter color than they currently are.  You can only go darker.  That also means it will not cover stains or patterns well.

- It is non-toxic and safe for children and pets.  That is much better than other paints.  In fact, it has no real smell.  I’m very sensitive to smells and didn’t react to this at all.

For more tips and thoughts on this spray paint for upholstery, stay tuned!  If you’ve used it, feel free to chime in!  Also, let me know how this information affects your projects.


Painted Faux Bamboo Chairs


Below is a quick before of the chairs.  I thought about taking a photo as I was starting to paint, so one chair is missing and the room is pretty messy.  And, looks darker than it really is, perhaps because it’s a phone pic.


The images that were on Craiglist when I bought them.  I bought them for $300 for the set of six chairs and the table.  I later sold the table for $375.  So, I essentially got the chairs for free, or got paid to take them – however you want to see it.  I did then have to buy paint and new cushions, though.  So, that cost about $120.  Once I added that cost in, in total, I paid about $45 out of my pocket for the set of six chairs.


Yep, that’s about right – they sure were bright yellow!  Those photos are accurate.

Here is an image that I took as I was spray painting in the garage.  I used Valspar’s Indigo in Gloss.  It comes in “The Perfect Finish” and the can of paint can spray at any angle.  The blue looks a little darker than it really is in this photo.

I chose this bright, yet deep blue because it matches the ceiling that I painted in the adjacent family room very well.


And, now?!

And, a slightly better view without all the clutter on the table.  Yet, the lighting is very bad due to backlight.  I promise to get a better photo later.


I know, the table isn’t centered – will do soon!  Just pulled my back out, so have to wait until the hubby is around for that.



The fiddle leaf fig is still surviving.   Curtains are up.  Rug is in.  I am hoping to get a chandy put in, but also have to get the wiring installed first in order to do that.

Originally, I was going to take them to a professional and have the chairs sandblasted and then repainted.  That would cost me about $400 for the set of 6 chairs!  So, I decided why not try painting them myself first and if it doesn’t work well, I can go back to plan A.

Though the paint went on very well and has a near perfect finish and the color is awesome, it is chipping some/ scratching easily.  So, I may still end up investing the $400 in order to get them done right.  But, it’s a quick fix to test out a color at the very least.  And, who knows, maybe it will last better than I think.  So, worst case scenario, I’ll have $445 in for six chairs, which is just about $75 a chair.  Still not too bad.  Especially since as you could see in the post below this one, a similar chair at Williams Sonoma is selling at the outlet for $349 each.

I did not sand or prime, both of which I think would have been the right thing to do, but this did work…  alright.  I just wiped them down and painted, since it was plan b anyway.

What do you think?


Update:  They are now sealed with poly and good to go!

Painted Sofa – Green

I ran across this on Made By Girl.  Though she doesn’t say she followed my tutorial, it’s very close to it.  She used latex paint, and fabric medium.


And, the before?


She doesn’t go into great detail about the feel, about using water on fabric, etc. 


But for more images and to contact her, visit her blog.


Color My World – Week 3

Today is week 3 for the Color My World Challenge.

Color My World Challenge is a series that a number of bloggers have been invited to participate in.  But, not only have these bloggers been invited to participate, we will all be hosting a link party at the end so that readers can play along and share what they have added to their home.

Examples of Navy in Decor – Tuesday, April 3rd
Using Navy in Decor – Tuesday, April 10th
Using Navy with Paint – Tuesday, April 17th
Using Navy with Fabric – Tuesday, April 24th
Show all three elements and say if you liked the color or not – Tuesday, May 1

Readers are also invited to post links to the color they added to their homes on May 1st.  Those photos (and links to blogs) will appear on all 18 of the series participant blogs.

Yesterday, I posted about painted ceilings.  That was because this past weekend, we had one of our ceilings painted!

As you know, the color I am adding to my house is navy blue.  Here is the ceiling in my family room!  Our ceiling in that room is 12 ft.



We used Sherwin William’s Loyal Blue on the ceiling.  Emily Henderson from HGTV just painted her office the exact same color that I painted our ceiling.  Here is what she said about it.


I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, my painter got the wrong color at first and it was Indigo.  So two coats of Indigo went up first and it was too purple.  So, we went to Loyal Blue which is navy in most lights, yet almost a royal at certain times of the day.

And, though not the best photo, here is a view from further back.   Tomorrow, I will share more of the new house.  First the kitchen and then the family room on the following day.

However, please understand that we moved into our new home just three weeks ago and we’re still working on the rooms!  This is not a finished room.  I’m showing a work in progress.


What color are you adding to your home?

Stop by and see how the other bloggers who are participating in this series are incorporating new colors into their homes.

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I Have a Thing For… Boldly Painted Ceilings

Have you taken a risk lately?  There are a few things that I’m really into right now and one is risky.  It’s ceilings painted with a bold color.  I’ll be sharing the others in upcoming posts.

That’s right, painted ceilings.  Don’t neglect that “fifth wall.”  It can create that special unexpected element.

Check out this purple ceiling!


It makes the room.  Hands down.  The rest of the room is very basic and muted.

Or, how about this one with all the trim near it.


Love outdoor painted ceilings as well.


How about adding pattern… on the ceiling?


I love the fyschia used on the ceiling in this girly bedroom.


Again, this green makes a simple room, very dynamic.


I’ve loved this nursery by Sherry Hart for quite some time.  Maybe it’s because of the ceiling.


Would you ever paint a ceiling?  I might…


A Reader’s Painted Chair

Here is another example of a painted chair that was painted based on my tutorial.  One of my readers sent photos and a link to her blog post about it.


She had two.  The pink is the before.  The green is the after!  Amazing, huh?

Here are both before.


What I enjoyed most about her post is the photos of the process.  She showed here how it almost looks like you ruined it after one coat.  It’s the scary part.


I bet she’s glad she kept going because they turned out great!


Let me know if you’ve painted a chair and be sure to check her blog post out!

Keep in mind, it’s always best to reupholster, especially if it’s seating that you like to cuddle in.  But, this is a great cost effective alternative if reupholstering is not in the cards or if it’s a low usage piece of furniture.


More Painted Chair Successes

Here are a few more successes from readers who used my painted upholstery tutorial.  The first is from Simply Blissful Photography.

After and then before.


Love the color she used!  Turned out so great!  She reminded me of the tip to put your paint in the fridge in between coats so that it doesn’t dry out.

The next was done in a very similar blue.  It’s from Bungalow.  She did report that the more worn areas of the fabric (the chair is 25 yrs old) didn’t take the paint as well.  So, that is something to remember.  you can notice those areas below.


The third chair is from Kathleen at Carrie Bradshaw Lied.


I like how some of the pattern is still showing through and how she did the bronze nail heads.

The last chair is from a reader without a blog, Kristin.


Remember, the after photos are first!  The second photo is the before.

Have you painted a chair?  Would you?

This method is best for seating that isn’t used a lot, but could offer color and style to a room.  The fabric does get stiffer, though it’s not horribly scratchy.  It’s not something to cuddle on at all, but it’s a great solution if you want to save money, yet update a piece of furniture.

Be sure to visit each indidual blog for more information on one of these chairs.


Painted Chair Success and Failure

If you never grow tired of seeing these transformations, check out this yellow chair that a reader painted!   This reader used latex house paint.


Don’t you love the detail on the seat cushion? She added that with a Martha Stewart stencil.

She said she bought the chair for $10 and painted three coats of yellow on it.

Then, she painted the wood areas white with spray paint.




She spent $10 on a chair and the first time, it didn’t go as well. She said she thinks it was due to the fabric being the type to have lint balls all over it. So, in the spirit of trying to make it work, she went out and bought a second $10 chair and this time, it worked! She did this for a friend who was trying to find a yellow chair!


Looking good! Lucky friend.

This reader/ blogger from Burlap and Fade said she had a chair fail because the paint she used was too thick.

Here is the before and after photo.


Up close.


Clearly too thick and not too attractive.  It’s very important to let the paint really soak in, even if you have to work it in or water it down a lot.

Let me know if you paint a chair.