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Guest Blogging – Alamode


Shelli and I have become blog buddies. We happen to have a real-life, non blog friend in common which is uber cool! I love her style. I adore the architecture in her home, the bench in her dining room, the zebra rug in the nursery and most everything in her home. Her blog, Alamode, has taken off like wildfire and I’m so thrilled for her.


Today, I’m over at her blog talking about how I split this pillow in half, turning it into two pillows, in order to make it work for my room. 

Here, it is on the chair in the master.  Sorry about the lighting – it was a night shot.  The pillow will ultimately go in my craft room.  Visit her blog, Alamode, to check it out in more detail.


P.S. If she still has the part up about the two sets of twins and me living in Hawaii – I was TOTALLY just joking with her… and wrote her to fess up. Sometimes I joke and before I get to say “just kidding,” the things I say pop up in crazy places. Oops! :)  Sorry, Shelli!

Got My Pillows for the Master!

Two good things.  My pillows arrived!  And, I hit over 100 followers!

I also just had my one month blogging anniversary.  Really fun so far!  However, I still feel kind of lost at times and am very much so still learning!

So, the pillows are great.  They look just like the photos on etsy. 

Amy at decoYellow on etsy.com did a great job!  Here is the photo of the blue and white chevron pillow from her shop.

FREE SHIPPING - Nautical Navy and White - Chevron Stripe Pillow Cover - Any Size - Any Color

I got two of these. 

Then, I wanted a felt lumbar pillow with a monogram on it.  I found one on etsy for $65.  We all know felt is not costly, so why would I pay that much for a monogrammed felt pillow that I could pretty much just make myself if I wanted to take the time? 

So, I asked Amy if she could make it.  Even though it wasn’t something she listed at her etsy shop, she said YES!  And, for less than half the price of the first one I found.  She was so great to work with!

Here it is:

IMG_4855 (640x421)

Looks great and I got to choose the font! 

So, the next pillow on my storyboard was…


The pillow made from Robert Allen’s vintage blossom fabric in jade.

Ordered it from Pillow Mio on etsy.

IMG_4858 (566x640)

And, now, here they are all together on my floor.

IMG_4848 (640x281)

The back pillows are 18×18 while the front lumbar pillow is 12×18.

The master bedroom is coming together.  It won’t be precisely like the story board, but it’s just for inspiration anyway.  Stay tuned – there should be a master bedroom reveal coming in a couple of weeks!

Fabric Alternatives for a Pillow

We used an old Kohl’s shower curtain that we were no longer using for our outdoor pillows.  We were able to make six pillows from one curtain (two full size, two small and two lumbar).  Stripe on one side, polka dots on the other.

IMG_4813 (485x640)

It has worked very well due to the water resistant nature of the fabric. 

When finding fabric for pillows, don’t forget to look at pre-made things and consider using that fabric for other uses than what was intended.

I’ve come across some pretty awesome fabrics in shower curtains at Target, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and Homegoods lately. 

You want to find something that is a nice print as well as a decent quality – not too thin or with too low of a thread count.  Stay away from too much shine or straight up plastic. 

Wouldn’t this floral shower curtain from BB&B make a nice pillow?

SONOMA life + style Tiburon Shower Curtain

Or, this one.

Apt. 9 Graphite Dot Shower Curtain

This black and white shower curtain is also not bad.

Or, what about scarves?  They are usually about the right size for a pillow.


Don’t forget table cloths or curtain panels.

Product Image Blue Geo Print Tablecloth - 60x84"

This is a really nice geometric pattern from Target.

Product Image DwellStudio® for Target® Algiers Tablecloth - 60 x 84"

A black and white table cloth from Dwell Studio’s Target collection is also a nice choice.

Get creative with where you find fabrics for pillows and other accessories.

Trellis Knock Off–What a Deal!

Designer Kelly Wearstler makes the most awesome fabric called Trellis.   It was first introduced in Spring 2005 in the House of KWID collection.  The fabric was inspired by Asian fretwork, but enlarged to a bold scale for both fabric and wallpaper.  Last I heard Schumacher was selling it for around $120/yd.

Here it is as a pillow.  They sell for $75-85 on etsy.


Pretty huh?

I was shopping at Target yesterday and stumbled into their outdoor pillow section.  It was then that I saw a decent knock-off!  I had to have it. After all, according to our design plan, I needed a navy pillow for the chair.


Forgive the quality of the photo – it’s a little blurry. 

But, here it is, a week or two later in the painted chair:

I could not find it on their website in order to link to it, Marissa at Roost found the link for me.  They also had them in a green and brown combo. 

Guess what the best part is?   The price!!  $12!!

Starting with Pillows

I decided on my first sewing project… pillows!   After all, that’s the first thing they teach you during home economics class in middle school.  Surely, I can make pillows!

I read up on my sewing machine manual and learned to thread the machine.  I then cut the fabric, which happens to be fabric I bought on clearance the day before, so the expense would be minimal if I made mistakes.  I also happened to have stuffing, (if that is the correct sewing term) for pillows from when I ever so skillfully take fabric to my seamstress so she can make stuff for me. 

IMG_4478 (586x640)

Following this tutorial, I sewed around the edges about 5/8 of an inch in, cut the corners, flipped them over, stuffed them and hand sewed the remaining opening in order to close them up.   Here is what I made so far.  Well, I actually made two of the circle prints.  I bought quarters of cotton for those.

IMG_4475 (640x480)

Note that in the photo above, they are all slightly different sizes.  I didn’t exactly measure.  I’ll have to work on that!  But, not too bad for the first time.  I am actually already using some of them.  I put two on the guest bed:

IMG_4482 (640x341)

Then, I placed another on a chair in the family room.

IMG_4485 (480x640)

Will post about where I placed the black and white one later.

Off to a good start!  But, so much more to learn!