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Pink and Dining Rooms

I was invited to participate in a mood board challenge on another blog.  The mood board could be for any room, but had to involve pink – for breast cancer awareness week coming up.

Here is what I came up with.


You may notice it’s a slightly different format than my usual storyboards.  that is because for the first time, I used Olioboard.  It really did automate the process.  I hadn’t used it before because I sort of had to grieve its invention, as it was an idea I was working on with my husband – the exact same thing.  And, then suddenly, it appeared on the scene before we had a chance to create it.

Nonetheless, they did a great job with it!  It’s pretty user friendly and works well.  If you haven’t tried it out, you should.

Here is another version of a dining room with pink in it.  This time, with pink curtains, a just rug, and green chairs.


What about with more luxurious chairs and a fancier chandelier, and maybe a different console table?


What look do you prefer?

Stay tuned because the pink mood boards will appear on Finishing Touch Interiors blog on March 5th.

Do you use Olioboard?   What do you think of it?   If you are on it, feel free to link to me on it.



Happy Valentine’s Day!  Just the right day to talk about pink.

I told my husband today that this is the exact kitchen I want.


He said no.  But…. he did say that if I wanted, I could make pink curtains for the media room/ loft!

image  image

image  image

Sweet!   Now to debate if I want to take him up on that offer.  It’s his first time to say yes to something pink for a room that he enters.

The other real debate?  Remember, I said we are using what we have for the rental.  Not buying anything new because what if we cannot use it in the new house once we find one to buy!  Well, we may make one exception – curtains in the loft space.  We have some that are up now, but they aren’t working as well as I had hoped.  I can probably tolerate them, but then again, if I make some I can save money and changes are very high that I can find two windows in the new house to reuse them on.  Hmm…  What would you do?

I ordered a few fabric samples, just to have something tangible to check out.  Do you usually try a sample first before committing?

Just the right fabric isn’t easy to find, then there is the making them part.  Do I really want to work this hard for a temporary rental?!  Not sure…

Does your husband embrace pink?  Do you love pink?

Oh, and what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?  It’s one of those holiday we rebel from…  :)  Are you a fan of v-day?


Studio/ Craft Room Reveal!


And in case it’s hard to remember what it looked like when I started, here it is before.

IMG_4455 (640x428)

More after photos are below.  The transformation included a few diy projects.  For instance, I made drop cloth curtains, divided a pillow in half, made art (on top of the book shelf), printable art, made coasters, made flowers for magnets, made magnet boards, painted a letter “K” to look metal, painted a peg board and painted upholstery on a second chair.




I painted the art on the bookshelf to mimic the chevron pattern in the rug.


Below are flowers that act as magnets for the two metal magnet boards that flank the subway art.  I made the two rolled ones and the two fluffy ones.


And, paint chips hung on the peg board serve as a backdrop for vintage keys. These were gifted to me from Emily at Ashbury Lane.  She is having a 25% off sale right now.  Be sure to visit her Etsy shop.

IMG_5850 (640x410)

Printable art that I made meets you at the entrance and sets the tone of the room.

IMG_5864 (640x434)


Hope you enjoyed the reveal!  I’ve enjoyed working in the room already.


Update 8/27/11:  For a tour of other rooms, see the Home Tour page.

Can Pink Work in a Design for Both Sexes? 10 Ways it Can!

Pink!  Oh, how I adore pink (at the moment)!


A reader presented me with an idea for a post.  Her husband thinks pink is too girly, she loves pink.  How can you incorporate pink into a room without it freaking the hubs out and seeming too girly?

And, proof that taste and style does change – I am currently a big pink fan myself!   Haven’t always been.  But, you probably already knew that by looking at the beginnings of my craft room design.

One of the keys to using pink, and there are tons of different tones of pink being used right now, is to use it in conjunction with masculine elements.  All feminine elements will create a very very feminine room.  It’s all about the juxtaposition.

1.  Use it off the beaten path, in a space that isn’t in your immediate site line.  Then, use just a couple of accents in the other areas to pull it together.  The dark gray textured walls are the masculine element here.  Ideally, for both sexes, you could remove some of the other feminine elements.  For instance, make the white table a more substantial dark wood table.


2.  Use it as an accent color.  This means it’s just a small part of the room.  The metal and hard lines are the masculine elements here.


3.  Use it as occasional décor.  In other words, just get it out occasionally for something like a table setting.  The black and the dark wood are the masculine elements here.


Or, more subtly.


4.  Go for a more coral tone.  Coral is a more orange-pink that doesn’t immediately induce feelings of girly-ness.  The hard surfaces and dark wood are the masculine elements here.


5.  Use it on the floor.  Sometimes a simple area rug can introduce some new colors that are not found elsewhere in the room.  That way, it’s not overwhelming.  The blue and dark roman shade are the masculine elements here.  To make it more masculine, try using more navy and less ribbon.


Or, how about just a solid rug like this.


6.  Use it in a quirky manner.  Make it just part of the quirkiness of the room.  Note that most other elements below are masculine in nature.  And, the pink is just one pop of bold, bright pink that is close to fuchsia in tone.


Another similar space…  which I love the quirkiness of!


7.  Use it on a piece of furniture.  We touched on this above, but here is another example.  This time the pink is almost a red. And here, the gray is the masculine element.


Or, on chairs that are against a very masculine backdrop.


8.  Use it in the form of flowers.  Very fresh and subtle.  The hard surfaces are the masculine element in this room.


Another with pink flowers.


9.  Use it on upholstery.  They used a very dark pink here.  The dark colors are the masculine element.


10.  Use it on a throw or pillow.  This is a simple way to add pink without a huge commitment.  The cow hide rug and tree mural are the masculine elements.


Or, on a pillow.  For a less feminine feel, try less delicate patterns and fewer, larger items.



Hope that gives you ideas on how you can incorporate pink into a room for both sexes.

Of course, if unlike the reader who sent the question in, your hubby doesn’t mind the pink, you could just go for it like this.


Remember most good designs have both feminine and masculine elements.  When using pink, if it’s for both sexes, make sure there is a lot of masculine to go around as well.

Ways to add masculine elements – dark tones, rough textures, straight lines, hard surfaces, and larger simple pieces.   Ways to increase the feminine feel of a room – softness, lightness, delicate patterns, and smaller pieces.

Thanks for submitting the post idea, Kristina!


Craft Room Story Board–First Iteration

So, here is my initial vision for the craft room.  However, it will be tweaked as I find the right elements along the way.


So… an LED neon sign that says “Create” – but have to figure out how to make it.  Whimsical chandelier over a wingback chair, table painted white with new legs, peg board painted blue, industrial stools, drop cloth curtains, pink and yellow quatrefoil pillow in the chair, white shelf backed in hot pink…  I’m starting to order things and think through how to make things.  Hoping it all comes together in time!

To remind you what it looks like now, after I moved the furniture:


Thanks Shelly at Crazy Wonderful for passing the Versatile Blogger Award to me! I won’t bore you with 7 crazy facts, as I already posted 7 here… unless you just REALLY need to know more!

Update 6/24/11:  Just posted the reveal of the room.  Held off on the neon sign, but used most of the elements from this story board.

Rug has Arrived – Craft Room

The rug has arrived!   And, we will arrange things according to our floor plan that was mentioned previously.

image image

Here is how it’s shaping up with the rug in the room now.  Lots more to do, though! But, can we say yay chevron!

IMG_4686 (640x480)

Please excuse all of my junk everywhere!  This is not a perfectly posed photo. Ha!

Now to finish designing this puppy.  That means finishing up the storyboard and mapping out the rest of the to-do list which will include painting the table as well as turning an oversized lumbar pillow in a large quatrefoil print into two pillows.


Update 6/24/11: Posted reveal of the room.

A Reader’s Painted Chair Success

Thank you all for bearing with me during some site construction.  It should be mostly complete now.

One of my readers, Anneke from Rustichic, sent me an email about her chair that she painted.  She said she saw the entry, immediately  looked for a chair on Craigslist, found one not far from her house and got to work!  It looks fabulous. 

Before and After.

Pink Chair BEFORE   IMG_0454

So bold!  I love the pink color. 

So, I asked Anneke a few questions about her experience. 

How long did it take to paint the chair?
I’m guessing this took me about 10-12 hours from start to finish, but I have three little kids that I was intermittently caring for at times.


How many coats of paint did you do?
I followed your tutorial with 2 base coats and 1 top coat with complete dry time.

Was there anything that you would do differently?
I would have measured precisely. I did that with my test pillow and it came out PERFECT, and then not precisely (not sure why) with the rest of the chair. It would have turned out better. I also sprayed the wood frame first, but because of the style of chair, I wish I would have done the fabric first, and then taped off and painted/distressed last.  I used a mix of Ceramcoat Sunkissed Coral and Fushia Pearl (which is sparkly), and I would have gone less sparkly.


Is it crunchy or rough?
It is not crunchy or rough, but a soft smooth texture (sort of like a soft fuzzy vinyl, and yes, that sounds kind of weird). The cushion turned out the best.

Was it difficult going from green to pink?
The green to pink aspect actually worked better than I thought, but not so well where there are creases (like when you push down and see the untouched green fabric) and the piping. I think a solid color and smoothness is most important (after seeing the results of Young House Love with the textured swirls).


What were the biggest challenges?
As for challenges, I would not choose a chair with the tufting if you care about the close up look of it. It was difficult to paint and difficult to sand. Also, the amount of wood to fabric made it difficult (as well as the amount of piping), unlike Kristy’s chair that just had the bottom framing.


Overall impression?
I think overall this method is awesome and I’m happy with how my first attempt came out. This chair looks awesome from a distance, but up close, you can tell it is "different". I will probably do this again, but be more selective in the style.

What are your plans for the chair?
I was doing this as an experiment and just plan to sell it.

Hear that?  She’s selling it!  Any takers?!

Be sure to check it out on her blog!  She has other cool projects and things for sale

Thanks for sharing, Anneke.

On to the Next Room…

So what room is next?!  Well, we have four bedrooms and an office.  Of course, one bedroom is our master, one is a workout room, one is a guest room and the last… is what I had been calling a “craft room” but think I may start calling it a “work room.”  Though work room sounds daunting.  Maybe… “play room.”  No, how about “design room?”   I’m taking suggestions!

Anyway, it’s a 17’10” x 12’4” bedroom over the garage.  A good sized space.  Below is an image from the builder’s website.


So… the room was painted a very pale pink, as the previous owners were using it for their daughter’s room.


Aww.  I know.

We used it as a guest room for about a year and recently moved the guest room downstairs so guests could have their own thermostat and not have to walk the stairs.

And, now… this room has our old desk in it and a large table we got on Craigslist for $25.   Just thrown in…

IMG_4455 (640x428)

Same angle as the previous photo.  You can see my sewing machine on the table, as I’m attempting to learn to sew slowly.   And, the ironing board on the right.

First, a floor plan… then I’ll move the furniture accordingly.


I’m going arrange it something like this so the table is in the middle of the room.  The skinny angled table represents the ironing board.

Definitely want a peg board next to the shelf.   If you know of any cool peg board type tutorials, let me know!  And, I will paint the table white…  The desk will remain black.  It was pricey and I can’t bare to paint it yet…  I will add an area rug.  That’s what I know for sure…

Here it is in 3d.  Remember, things are approximated just so we can get an idea of the space planning.  I want to leave some open space near the door to spread out and work on the floor.


The closet holds all of my extra décor stuff that I’m not using or selling at the moment.   I may need to eventually add more shelving in the closet.

Now I need to get to work on a story board for the room!   I’m thinking bright cheerful colors.  Chevron rug…   Will be done on a major budget, using what I have!

Don’t forget to enter the limited edition handbag giveaway!

Update 4/26/11:  Ordered rug and it arrived.
Update 6/24/11:  Revealed room.