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Home Project – Lisa from A Vintage Vine

Today Lisa is sharing with us.  Her blog was one of the first I started following and I’ve loved it ever since!  She’s a sweetheart and has some awesome projects on her blog.  Today she is guest posting about a makeover project.  Take it away, Lisa!


Hello friends and readers of Kristy’s blog! I am Lisa from {A Vintage Vine}…..I am so excited to be here guest posting for her today….As you all know, Kristy is busy moving. I was really thrilled when she asked me to fill in…She always impresses us with her great sense of style and design! Plus, who can forget her “DIY project” that still amazes me..the painted WING BACK CHAIR…..Good luck to Kristy on this move!

Today I wanted to share with you a bathroom makeover that did NOT go as smoothly as I had hoped……Several weeks before Thanksgiving I started a painting/makeover project in my 1/2 bath downstairs…..It is a small bath with no natural light…..I think you can already imagine the problem that unfolded!

I thought it would be one of those easy projects……Throw some paint on the wall and be done with it! I could not have been more WRONG about that assumption! Every paint I tried came out “weird”. After 3 tries with 3 different gallons of paint I finally was able to get a color that would work in a 1/2 bath with NO natural light…..Have you ever had that problem? I’ve decided that the real “problem maker” was the light fixture and it’s “yellowish” light covers……I even considered replacing the light fixture…..However, it was a clearance light and who wants to replace a $15 light fixture with a $40 one? Not me!

Back to the makeover…….Finally, I am happy with the paint……BTW, it ended up being an extra gallon of paint I already had in the garage…..YEE-HAW!

Last year, we had replaced the pedestal sink with a display unit that I had gotten at Lowes for $150…(original price $$$$)…..Moral of that story….it pays to buy display units!! I changed out the knobs with some from World Market and added a wall towel rack (my friends cast off)  and some monogram “H” towels I found at Big Lots ….To finish off the room, I replaced the very ugly builder grade mirror with one I found at Target…..”VIOLA” bathroom #1 has a new look!

This not so “easy” makeover took a little longer than expected, which always seems to be the case for me…..Stay tuned and I hope you come visit me over at my blog……I have 2 more bathrooms that are in different stages of updating, hope they go easier!!!

Thanks Kristy for having me over today and we look forward to following along as you tweak the new house!

Thanks for sharing!


Home Project – Natasha at Schue Love

I’m excited to have Natasha here today sharing about her kitchen transformation!  Enjoy!


Hello Readers!  I’m Natasha from Schue Love and I am thrilled to be here with all of you today.  I love discussing home decor ideas on my blog, especially on our home.  When we bought out house two and half years ago, it was a real fixer upper!  But we loved the neighborhood and saw lots of potential with the layout of the house.  One of the biggest transformations was the kitchen.  It was very outdated and had a funky layout, which included a HUGE brick fireplace smack dab in the middle…not functional at all!  Take a look…

See what I mean?  We took out the fireplace and removed everything in the kitchen…and I mean everything!  Right down to the studs!

We added about three feet of wall to allow for more wall/cabinet space.  All new drywall was installed as well.

A skylight was added where the chimney was.  It’s added a lot of nice light to the room!

And here is the kitchen now!  We added a kitchen island which is super functional for us.  The cabinets are solid alder. 

Here is a view from the other direction.  We recently painted the hutch black, you can read more about that project here.  We also recently added the gray chevron rug.  You can purchase it at Urban Outfitters

The gray wallpaper in the back ties the rug and our granite together.

Our kitchen opens up to the family room…It’s great for entertaining!

It’s hard to believe our kitchen started out like this…

and now looks like this!

We love our kitchen and are so glad we took the time to renovate before moving in.  The kitchen is now super functional and a great gathering place for family and friends!  :)

Thanks so much to Kristy for having me today!!

Thanks for sharing, Natasha!  That is a huge transformation and turned out great!

We are moving smoothly along on the move.  We’re still in Phoenix and just steadily checking off items on a very long to-do list.   Just a couple of more weeks before we’ll be in Austin.  I hope to do a blog post soon on the general process of an out of state move.  I appreciate everyone helping out with guest posts right now!