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Breakfast Room Photos!

This room is complete!  Other than an eventual new coat of paint on the table, that is.


Since the last post on the breakfast room, we added the chandelier and chair cushions.  Here it is with a bit of the ceiling medallion showing.


I’ve also updated the Tour page with the new photos.

What did we do in here?

- Curtains.  We hung IKEA curtains on wood rods.  The substantial rods gave a more expensive feel to not so expensive curtains.

- Plant.  We added a fiddle leaf fig tree in the corner.  It adds some life to the space.  So far, it’s still alive after a couple of months!

- Rug.  We anchored the space with an ikat rug.  It’s a classic yet hip design that adds pattern, but the neutral color doesn’t take the attention away from the chairs.

- Table.  The table is an antique pedastal table.  I hope to give it another coat of paint soon.  But, I love all the imperfections.  It was white when I bought it which I think is perfect for the space.  It lends itself to an airy feel, contrasts from the nearby dark kitchen cabinets and again, lets the chairs be the star.  It does have a leaf should we need to seat six, but this is the perfect size for every day use in the space.

- Chairs.  They are the star of the room.  The chairs are made by Meadow Craft.  They are aluminum faux bamboos chairs that came in a set of six (with the table) from 1976.  I adore them.  They were painted blue from their original yellow.  The blue echoes the nearby family room ceiling color.

- Cushions.  The chair cushions were replaced, though we still have the original chair cushions which are in great shape and will hopefully find a great home.

- Chandelier.  We had the electric box put in and then we hung the zGallerie chandelier.  This acted as the crowning jewel.  The reason I chose a more old school chandelier style is that the room needed a more feminine lines to balance the solid colors and simple lines.

That completed the space.


Before we take final photos of the space, I will add a centerpiece of flowers, preferably hydrangeas, so it’s nice and photo ready!

Whatcha think?


Craft Room at New House

I’ve been working on creating my craft room in one of the bedrooms of the new house.

Craft Room-073

Let’s see the old craft room that we had our home in AZ, as it used many of the same elements.  However, it has definitely changed some!



Then, here is the office/ craft room in the rental in Austin, between homes.  As the room configuration and size changes, so does the decor.


And, Here it is in the new home, with many of the same elements, minus the large black desk, industrial stools, colorful chandelier, etc.

We added an IKEA expedit shelf behind the table for extra storage (in addition to the closet in the room) and a couple of different chairs.

I kept the peg board, but separated it.  It’s a great place to hang scissors and other tools to get them out of the way.  Then, to the right is the magnet board.  I had two of those.  Sold one.  Kept this one.  It’s great for putting drawings and such up on.   We also kept the table and rug in the room.

I’m still working on it.  These images are not perfectly styled.  Cords are showing and such.  But, I wanted to give you an idea of how it’s coming along.

New Stuff-045

I found these colorful Reader’s Digest books at Savers a couple of weeks ago.  Love them.  I layered the shelf with by putting a frame on the outside with a Command hook.

Craft Room-095

I love this table.  It’s sturdy.  Already distressed so I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or messed up.  And, it has two leaves.  that means it collapses down to a pretty small size.  I like pieces with flexibility.

New Stuff-102

This is the only remaining yellow faux bamboo chair of the bunch.  The other five are now blue, which I love.  I may leave this one yellow for a while.  What do you think?

Craft Room-120

We’re getting there!  It is usable, but not quite polished off.  It’s coming along!  Almost done!  Which craft room space do you like best?

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Check it Out – Our New Custom Dining Table

Our new dining room table was delivered last night!  Here is how it looks in the room.


Below is our inspiration photo from Restoration Hardware that I shared with you here, and the finished product.

image Table-067

And, so you can see how it compares to the tape we used to mark it’s footprint while deciding on measurements.


And, here it is with a wine bottle on it so you can get an idea of scale.  That is not fading on the right – just light from the nearby windows.


We wanted something that could seat up to 10 people, that fit well in our new formal dining room, that was similar to the inspiration piece, but with some of the hardware showing at the corners for an industrial touch.

We decided on this design and stain because of its timeless qualities.  It’s a classic, rustic, yet hip table design.  It will stand the test of time.  And, the color is the same – classic.  Not trendy.  In 5-10 years, it  will still be considered just as fabulous.  Let me tell you, it’ is heavy!  Solid wood.

Here are a few other shots of the table.  Thank you Anna and Mason from Mason’s Woodwork!  You can click on the photos for larger views.

Table-083 Table-028 Table-067

More on the process on Monday!  Believe me, I’ll share ALL the details.

We were able to get something quite similar to the RH inspiration table, but for less than a third of the price.   Sweet!

It was made by Mason’s Woodwork in Austin, TX.  Here are some other examples of their handiwork.

image image image

image  image  image

Check out their website!

I will be walking you through the process from why we needed the new table to how we chose someone to build it, to the bumps we hit along the way and all the way to the end.

In the meantime, I would love to hear all your design ideas for the room!  I haven’t allowed myself to think much about it as I needed to make sure I got the table and all was well first.  I do have a few ideas, but nothing concrete as they are just from yesterday (still so many floating around in my head), so I’d love to hear your ideas.  I’ll consider them as I formulate what I want to do with this space!


Updated Master Bedroom Photos

Since getting my new camera a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to slowly update my house photos.  I’ve been slowly learning to use the new camera.  The master bedrooms photos were so under par before thatI thought I’d share the new photos, now located under the Tour page, with you.   Enjoy!

Master Bedroom-025

Master Bedroom-010-2

Master Bedroom-066

Master Bedroom-076

Master Bedroom-082

Master Bedroom-098

Master Bedroom-129

Master Bedroom-109


Meet My Family Room

My family room has been done for about a year.  I’m always tweaking it and I change the furniture layout for Christmas, but here is how it is currently.  Since it is a room I have not yet blogged about, I thought I’d introduce you!  I’ve been a little nervous about posting it as it’s sort of a love it or hate it room.  A bit controversial or so it seems.  Hope you like it!

These photos are taken with my new camera!  I hope you can see an improvement in image quality. I’ve been adding new images to the tour page.  I still have my master bedroom to go.






We took a chance with the bold zebra rug, but it does add a certain whimsical touch and additional pattern.  The hubs doesn’t like it, but we can easily change it out in a year or two when we tire of this design.  Good thing is, it was just from Wal-Mart, so not too pricey.

The sofa is custom from Bassett Furniture.
The chairs are outdoor chairs from Lowe’s.
The old chest in the corner is a Craigslist find.
The mirror hanging on the wall is from IKEA.
The painting is from Pier 1, but I altered it by painting over the original colors.

What did it look like just before we moved in?


And now.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!   These images are now added to my Home Tour page.

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Next week will be a RamSign giveaway for house numbers!


Studio/ Craft Room Reveal!


And in case it’s hard to remember what it looked like when I started, here it is before.

IMG_4455 (640x428)

More after photos are below.  The transformation included a few diy projects.  For instance, I made drop cloth curtains, divided a pillow in half, made art (on top of the book shelf), printable art, made coasters, made flowers for magnets, made magnet boards, painted a letter “K” to look metal, painted a peg board and painted upholstery on a second chair.




I painted the art on the bookshelf to mimic the chevron pattern in the rug.


Below are flowers that act as magnets for the two metal magnet boards that flank the subway art.  I made the two rolled ones and the two fluffy ones.


And, paint chips hung on the peg board serve as a backdrop for vintage keys. These were gifted to me from Emily at Ashbury Lane.  She is having a 25% off sale right now.  Be sure to visit her Etsy shop.

IMG_5850 (640x410)

Printable art that I made meets you at the entrance and sets the tone of the room.

IMG_5864 (640x434)


Hope you enjoyed the reveal!  I’ve enjoyed working in the room already.


Update 8/27/11:  For a tour of other rooms, see the Home Tour page.

Office Reveal

I revealed my office on two other blogs in order to give them the exclusive, rather than something that had already been written about and viewed on my own blog.  However, it’s now time to reveal it here as well.


This room in our home is technically an upstairs den. It’s a 15×13 room with double doors and no closet. My husband works from home as a software architect.  So, the room was designed mostly for him.  He had some very specific requirements, which you can read more about on those guest posts.  Here is my better half.days in this room. (That’s my better half, below.)

chrisreception2 chrisandkristywinter

Below are the sketches we came up with, as we nailed down just what he needed and wanted in order for this space to function well for him.


For the color scheme, we chose one that could work for both sexes.  It included several diy projects such as painting the letters, making the dry erase board and the cord bags.

aback IMG_5565

ashelvescloseangle afrontcornerhutch

adeskcorner abirdlantern agreenvase


Feel free to click on the photos for larger images.  My husband has since put in hours of work in this room and has enjoyed it greatly!  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  For more details, visit my post from a few weeks ago at Primitive and Proper or One Perfect Room.

I am still hoping to post a reveal of the craft room my design studio within a week or so.   I just have a few fairly minor things to finish up.


Office Reveal (Glimpse) and Where You Can Find More!

I have not ever posted photos of our office on here other than a tiny little sneak peek on this giveaway post.   Well, I’ve decided that I’m ready to share our office with my readers.

This is the first room that I’ve revealed without talking about progress along the way or the plan. That is because it was “completed” just before I started blogging three months ago.

Here it is!   I’m giving you a taste here, but for more info, you’ll have to check out my guest post on Primitive and Proper.  You will find a complete tour there.



How was it before?  Don’t we all love a good before and after.

Well, it was really just an empty white room.  Here is the very start of the room, after we painted the walls and hung curtains.

IMG_3613silver (640x480)

To find out a lot more about what we did and see many more photos of the room, check out my guest post today on Primitive and Proper!  (You can also see a photo of my hubby there.)

I am so excited that Cassie asked me to share there with you all and her readers!