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A Quick Pic of the Sunburst

We got the sunburst mirror that we ordered from Wisteria for over the fireplace.  Here it is just leaning against the wall.  Just wanted to give you a glimpse.


We are loving how it looks in the room!  Can’t wait to hang it and take better photos at better angles.  This photo is just from my phone.  And, those items have already been moved to other spaces.   I’m thinking either just the sunburst or the sunburst with some sconces flanking it.  I like keeping things simple.

Whatcha think?

Featured Shop – Live Like You!

One of my favorite designers is the colorful Jill Sorenson of Live Like You.  She is Swedish born, a model turned designer.  I love her love of color.  Here are a few images of her own home in VA.

image  image

image  image


Not only does she design for clients, but earlier this year, Jill started her own shop where she has designs furniture and accessories for the home.  And, there is probably no other shop that has more things that I love than Jill’s.

So, today, I am going to share some of those amazing items.

I love her Greek key bedding.   It comes in a variety of colors.


Saturated color!


Great accessories.

image  image

How fabulous are these mirrors?  Such great texture.

image  image

image  image

image  image

What about lighting?  She has you covered.

image  image

image  image

How about an area rug?

image  image

A few other accessories?  Check these out.

image  image

image  image

This headboard is fabulous!



image  image  image

image  image  image


I really have a hard time stopping… I could post pages and pages of stuff, but instead of me “showing” you everything, visit her shop!   I assure you, it’s fabulous!   And, she’s always adding new items.


From Fan Wall Art to Sunburst

It’s so fun to get updates from e-design clients.  I love to see how they put their own spin on the design.  And, I love to see any diy projects that they did in the process.

This client was working on finding a sunburst mirror to go over her bed in her master bedroom.  The one we were originally going to use was a tiny bit too large. She remembered a piece of wall art that she already owned.


At 32 inches in diameter, the scale would work. Could this become a sunburst mirror?

It absolutely did.


She painted the brown tones gold.

Then, for less than $7, she bought the following items from Michael’s and created a framed mirror in the center.

- Embroidery hoops.  The outer embroidery ring is 7″ in diameter. The next inner embroidery ring is 6″ in diameter.
- Craft mirror.  It is 5″ in diameter.
- Plywood circle.  It is lightweight and only 1/8″ thick. It is 6 1/2″ in diameter.
- Paint from a previous project.
- Hot glue that she already had.

I think it turned out great!



Isn’t she doing a great job on the design?

She still plans to add a rug at the end of the bed, curtains, a floral bolster pillow, to paint the ceiling blue and a few other things.  But it has really come along!

To give you an idea of the blue and the bolster pillow.


Here is the before.


How do you think it’s shaping up?  Don’t you love how inventive she was with the sunburst mirror?  Doesn’t it look great?

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Update on E-Design Winner

I gave away a free e-design at the end of April.  Shelley from the wonderful blog Crazy Wonderful won it.  If you aren’t a regular to her blog you should be – she’s funny, down to earth and an amazing diy-er.

Here is the plan we came up with.   The design plan involved a ton of diy projects, conceptual ideas and firm ideas, along with a layout of where it all will go.


She’s working away on transforming the room. The plan involved a sunburst and topiaries on the fireplace mantle.  She found a fabulous sunburst tutorial that is a similar size to the one on the story board, but way better than the one I suggested.  Being so sweet, she told me about it and asked if I thought it would work.  Absolutely!   So, she made it!

Then, she made her own topiaries to flank it.

She sent me photos of the fireplace area so far and I was so excited that I asked if I could share!


Can you believe this is all diy?  I love the life that the green brings in.  And, isn’t that mirror awesome!   What a simple yet grand statement.


And, here it was before.  She had a fabulous room to start with, but I LOVE seeing transformations, especially those that I got to play a small role in!


Thank you Shelley for keeping me updated and allowing my readers to see your awesome creations!  For more information, be sure to visit her blog!


Guest Post – DIY Sunburst Mirror

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As soon as I saw this diy sunburst mirror on Our Humble A Bowed, I thought it was a brilliant alternative to expensive sunburst mirrors!   I immediately asked Amanda if she’d guest post about it on my blog.  She said sure!  So, take it away Amanda!

Here is the finished sunburst mirror.

Sunburst mirrors are a great home accessory.   There are many expensive versions available, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the look. In fact, I made a 27 inch diameter mirror for only 3 dollars.   You’ll need around 50 paint stirrer sticks, a beveled edge mirror, paint and a picture hook.
Paint all of your sticks, sides included and let dry. Then, using a permanent marker, draw dividers on the back of your mirror. Use a hot glue gun to glue the sticks in place, keeping the spacing as even as possible.
Use this same process for the second layer, placing between the first layer.
Secure a picture hook to the back using a strong glue or epoxy and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Then, hang that beauty up and try not to stare at it all day.
If I had to change anything, I would have used a chop saw to cut all of my sticks quickly and evenly. But, because I have little kids, I made due with a wire cutter to cut the ends. Also, spray paint would make the painting process much quicker, but I like the depth and variation of the hand painted sticks.
To get all the details on how I created my mirror, stop by Our Humble A{Bowe}d.

Thank you so much for chatting with us about your diy sunburst mirror. My favorite part is the cost!  Readers, if you try it, be sure to let Amanda know.

Sunburst Mirrors–Trend Watch

The sunburst mirror is not a new idea.  However, it is showing up more and more.  Antique stores and chain stores alike are all selling sunburst mirrors these days.  Check out the different shapes and versions of this classic idea.  They may look whimsical, sophisticated, retro or modern.  The typical metallic finish adds sparkle to a space.

media room by Jennifer Brouwer

An oversized sunburst placed over a fireplace adds some bling and gives a classic, almost retro feel to the space. 

living room by Jennifer Brouwer

This sunburst is place in an entry way and creates a little vignette.  It has sleek clean lines.

contemporary bedroom by Emily A. Clark

When placed over the bed, it emphasizes a focal point.

eclectic entry by Tracery Interiors

This antique sunburst mirror provides and understated elegance.

sunburst mirror

Don’t you love this more golden finish?  It mixes with other finished to create an eclectic romantic feel.

bedroom flickr

Slightly different style, but still a great statement piece over the bed.

This mirror provides just a little bit of shine in a more country vignette.

What an amazing vintage style sunburst mirror!  Lots of character.  

Have you added “sparkle” to your room with a sunburst mirror?

Note:  The first four images are via Houzz.com.