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Home Tour – Updated

I updated the tour page and thought I’d share it as a post.

Below are photos of our new home in Austin.  We’ve lived here for 7 months now!  It’s still in progress, for sure, but most of these rooms are close to being complete.  I am currently working on our dining room and office.

One day I hope to really style these rooms with fresh flowers and all and get those images up, but until then, here is where we are with the house!

Here are the entry, kitchen, breakfast room, family room , dining room, and craft room so far (in the Austin home) SO FAR.

Let’s start with the kitchen.

Kitchen-052_thumb2 Ceiling-114_thumb


Here is the breakfast room. I adore those chairs. They are faux bamboo (aka chinese chippendale) chairs that I painted blue.

Breakfast-052_thumb2  Fiddleleaf-018_thumb[2]

Below are some shots of the family room. The most unique part of the family room is the blue ceiling.


The striped curtains are made from shower curtains.

FamRoom-037_thumb[3] Curtains-049_thumb

I adore that tv stand which is a Bassett piece that was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

FamRoom-016-4_thumb4 Family-Room-085_thumb1

You can see our the dining room as it was a few months ago, below. Right now, it’s torn apart and hopefully it will be painted blue in the next week or two. And, on the right is just a fun chair that I had in the entry at one point in time.

Table-010_thumb1 Chair-004_thumb2

On the left is a little office nook that is upstairs. And, to the right is the entry.

Entry-098_thumb2 Entry-004-3_thumb10

This is my craft room.

image_thumb1 Craft-Room-095_thumb1

That’s our house so far!   Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Tour of the New House

We are now closed on the new house in Austin, after relocating from Phoenix!  Yay.  Bear with me as these are just taken with my phone.  I snapped them quickly for family.  I doubt I’ll take any new ones with proper lighting and such before move-in day.

Despite the quality, I wanted to show you all because I hate when a blogger talks about buying a new house, but they never show a tour.  Instead I have to wait until he or she gets around to decorating each room.  (There are a couple that I’ve been waiting on for a while now… obviously.)  I like a good old fashioned tour.  Are you like that, too?

So here ya go!  I’m leaving out exterior photos just for safety’s sake.

The first couple of photos are the entry area.  It’s a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with an office, game room and media room.  Althought it’s a brand new home, we bought it after it was built, so we didn’t get to choose any of the finishes.

NewHouse-004 NewHouse-021

Coffered ceiling in the dining room.

NewHouse-011 NewHouse-001

The kitchen.  I love the large stove top and pot filler.  The backsplash is nice, too.

There is a large pantry that is not pictured.  I will be changing out those pendant lights.

NewHouse-006 NewHouse-007 NewHouse-002

The wooden beams are in the office.  Wood floors are throughout the main areas except the kitchen.  The fireplace in the family room is angled which is a challenge for furniture placement, but I had no choice.  At least it’s not a bad fireplace.

NewHouse-003 NewHouse-008 NewHouse-003-2

First photo is the master.  Second is master bath.  All baths have framed mirrors and granite countertops.  Desk at the top of the stairs.

NewHouse-009 NewHouse-012 NewHouse-016

Next photo below – lots of niches.  I’m not a huge fan of the niches.  But, I do like that they have a sill on them.  The next is the media room.

NewHouse-030 NewHouse-005-2 NewHouse-029

In the first pic on the following row, do you see that angled ceiling above the windows?  That is the game room.  That is going to be a challenge with curtains!  I’m open to links and suggestions.  And, last, a hint of the backyard.

NewHouse-019 NewHouse-020 NewHouse-039

Hope you enjoyed the tour!   Whatcha think?  We are set to move this weekend!  Do you also hate it when bloggers never show the tour?


Tori Spelling’s Homes

I mentioned recently that one of my guilty pleasures is watching Tori’s (and Dean’s) reality shows.  I was never a fan until I happened by a reality show of hers several years ago.  I didn’t watch her on 90210 or anything.  For having grown up in Hollywood, she is much more approachable and down to earth than you may think.  And, she has skills in so many areas, including design and event planning.  So, I’m always watching the scenes to get a glimpse of how she decorated her home.


She has style?  You may be quick to say well, duh, she grew up rich.  While that is true, her style is way different than her mother’s style.  It’s her own.  And, you don’t just automatically have style because you are rich.  You either have a knack for it or you don’t.  It’s a skill, like any other.  Let’s give her some credit.  And, one thing that she definitely is, is a hard worker.

Tori and Dean recently sold their 6718 sq ft home on Thayer Ave in Encino, CA and are downsizing to a 2300 sq ft home on Dume Drive in Malibu.


Why did they downsize?   She really wants a “farm” with lots of animals.  So, it may mostly be for the 1.75 acres that came with the home.  No word on if they will one day tear it down and rebuild, but it looks like for now, they have moved in!  The two older kids will share a bedroom, while the new baby has her own, according to their show.

So, that means photos of the home they sold were put on the MLS!  Let’s take a look!

Love the kitchen!  In particular, the white cabinets and pendant lights.


Awesome ceiling.  Love the houndstooth curtains.


Soothing master bedroom.  Love the chandy.


Stella’s room.  Lots of pink, but with it being in varying shades and broken up with white, it’s not overpowering.



Great example of a pattern being on a curtain.  She uses an unexpected pattern, but pulls it together nicely. I love the ottoman!



Dramatic entry.  Is that a long jelly fish like chandy?


Liam’s room.  I love the Jonathan Adler zebra rug.  Nice wallpaper too!  She’s really into her wallpaper!!




What about the home they lived in before this?  It was 3300 sq ft according to the reliable internet.  :)  I bring it up because she obviously mimicked some of the room rather than starting over from scratch.  These photos are not as good of quality, but you get the idea.

Liam’s room is a very similar space as in the more recent home.  I love that.  It certainly makes it faster to decorate a new home, if you can do it similar to the last one and reuse stuff.



Stella’s room is also very similar.  Very practical.


And, so is the master bedroom!



Does this wallpaper look familiar?


This is the kitchen and main area in their previous home.



So, where are they moving?   What does this home they downsized to look like?


It’s a modest home in Malibu that sites on 1.75 acres.



Can’t wait to see Tori put her touch on it!

What do you think of her style?  How do you think she did decorating her homes?


Michael’s Belongings Auctioned

Interior photos of the rented Los Angeles mansion that Michael Jackson called home for the last months of his life have been released.  The home was a furnished rental and the owners will be auctioning the contents on December 17th at Julien’s Auction.

The Holmby Hills home had seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and 12 fireplaces and a screening room.  It reportedly cost $100,000-a-month and also features a guest house, swimming pool and garden.

Here are some photos of the inside.









Julien’s will be auctioning items from the rental as well as from his general estate.  Below are images of items that will be auctioned from the Neverland estate.






Hope you enjoyed a brief tour.  He lived an amazing life.

Will you get in on the auction?  :)


P.S.  The update on our house is that the appraisal came through great and we are still on track to close on Friday!

Before and After Photos of Our Yard

Before, in 2009.


After.  Look how the tree grew!


We purchased our house as a short sale, so the yard wasn’t in the best condition.  When the previous owners realized they’d be losing their home, I’m sure they weren’t that motivated to continue yard work.  That is understandable.  I want to share how the yard looked just prior to us moving in and how it looked later on.

You can click any photo for a closer look.

Overview from 2nd Story Window – Before

House-085  House-089

Overview from 2nd Story Window – After

You’ll see a glimpse of some dirt in the grassy are on the left. That was always there as they had used that space for a fire pit. We have uncovered sprinkler system lines and planned to add soil and sod for a few hundred dollars. Just didn’t get a chance.

You may also be wondering what that long wall of dirt is.  It’s the canal that feeds all of AZ water.  It runs from Lake Havasu across our state.  It’s not pretty, but it means no houses will ever be built behind ours.

Master-084 Master-087

Pool Area  – Before

House-030-2  House-032-2

House-033-2  House-034-2

Pool Area – After

cushions-010  cushions-016

House for MLS-024-2  Yard-004-2

Left Side Yard – Before

House-035-2  House-036-2

Left Side Yard – After

Those are fruit trees – lemon, lime and tangelo.

Yard-009-2  Yard-012-2

Back Corner – Before

House-044-2  House-045-2

Back Corner – After

However, we wanted to take the grass out eventually and put a garden back there.  We didn’t get a chance.

Please ignore the ugly blanket over the freshly planted peach tree.  It’s no longer there.  That’s a pomegranate tree to the left of the blanket.

Yard-018-2  Yard-022

Right Yard – Before

House-049-2  House-087

House-088  House-052

Right Side – After

MLS-037  MLS-038

Yard-026  Yard-029

Right Side Yard, Pool Equipment – Before

House-053  House-055

Right Side Yard, Pool Equipment – After

We have not completed the pool equipment surround, but the estimate is pretty inexpensive at around $200.

Yard-032  Yard-038

Yard-039  Yard-047

Other After Shots:




We did the following:
- We had a crew haul out a trailer full of weeds.  We’ve since tried to keep up and have pulled weeds weekly.
- We removed landscape lighting that wasn’t attached to a power source and had cords all over.
- We redid a lot of the sprinkler lines.
- We seeded grass.
- We removed 35 plants and 2 trees.
- We planted 36 new plants.
- We moved a ceiling fan.
- We added patio furniture.
- We cleaned up a lot of debris.
- We sprayed lots of weeds.
- We fertilized all plants.
- We buried sprinkler lines that had not been buried.
- We put together two containers for pool equipment and toys.
- We trimmed plants and trees.
- We took down a dead tree.
- We replaced the pool pump and salt water system.
- We replaced the sprinkler valves.
- And we brought in 36 tons of rocks for ground covering between grassy areas.

Whew!  Lots of hard work inside and out in the last two years.  Hope you enjoyed the before and after tour of our yard.

We’re gonna miss this place.  I don’t know if you are familiar with Phoenix real estate, but most yards are extreme small at maybe 6,000-9,000 sq ft.  Our yard is 16,708 (.38 acres) and it has privacy.  That is very very difficult to find here.  I think it’s a big reason it sold quickly.  We are so thrilled to be under contract after just a few days.


Before and After Photos of Our Home

As you may have seen in the two previous posts, our home in Phoenix is for sale right now.  My husband has a job offer in Austin, TX.


Our heads are spinning with sorting through various offers on our home right now.  We hope to be under contract later today and in Austin just before Christmas.

A few agents that came through commented on how different the house looked from when it was on the MLS two years ago (when we purchased it).   So, I thought it may be fun to show you some before and after photos of various rooms and soon, of the yard.  We bought this home as a short sale, so keep that in mind.

So here we go with a long post – more of my house seen here than ever before.  Not all photos are of good quality.  Most before photos were taken pre-blog as we were looking at the house so we could remember what we saw.

I have many photos of some rooms and only one of other rooms.  Bear with me.

Kitchen – Before

House-001  House-003

House-006  House-016-2

Kitchen – After



Family Room – Before

These photos may also help you see how the rooms connect.

House-028-2  House-069

House-097  House-114

House-004  House-005

Family Room – After



Media Room – Before

House-002  House-007

Media Room – After



Laundry Room – Before

House-071  House-072

Laundry Room – After

I kind of stopped in the middle of the design plan due to the sudden listing of our home.  So, I decided not to add the benches, chandelier, carpet runner, or mirrors.



Bedroom – Before


We don’t have an after of this room.  It’s just a workout room with a treadmill and such.  It has not been decorated.

Craft Room/ Studio – Before

House-107  House-109

Craft Room/ Studio – After



Master Bedroom – Before


Master Bedroom – After

Master Bedroom-025



Office – Before

That’s our agent…


Office – After




I don’t have photos of the guest room handy, but it was an office and is now a guest room downstairs.  Otherwise, that is most everything but the other two bathrooms.

Hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane.